Datavail Announces New Premier Partnership with MongoDB

By | In MongoDB | May 10th, 2018

Datavail is pleased to announce our new Premier Partnership with MongoDB, providing clients with the world’s leading NoSQL database. Having worked for several years with clients who utilize MongoDB, we’re now working as a Premier go-to partner for further collaboration.

Building on Datavail’s established MongoDB services, this collaboration increases momentum in database implementations, integrations, managed services, monitoring, performance optimizations and upgrades, all with the support of MongoDB. Datavail continues a strong focus in client migrations of appropriate data from their relational database systems into MongoDB with little downtime and improved reliability and security. The collaboration further supports Datavail’s commitment in Application Development services.

As a popular Big Data technology, MongoDB is available in both Enterprise and open source/community. MongoDB is favored for its cross-platform capabilities and the ability to support rapid application development with extreme scalability and availability at a low cost.

With more than 800 Database Administrators, 400+ clients, over 200,000 databases monitored and an average 7+ year client retention, we expect our MongoDB support momentum to grow and continue driving everything from extending client day-to-day operations, through to setting data and cloud strategies for entire organizations in this exciting partnership.

As MongoDB’s offerings have evolved, the positive use cases for MongoDB in SMB and large enterprises is rapidly growing. The result is that many of our existing customers are leveraging MongoDB for a portion of their application portfolio. MongoDB has become one of our fastest growing practices so we recognized the need to strengthen our partnership, bringing more value to our clients and expanding our client base.

We’re excited to work with such an innovative organization as MongoDB and look forward to current and future collaboration.

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