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Creating a New Presentation (Web) Catalog in OBI 11g

Author: Christian Screen | | January 9, 2012

Here is a crib-sheet on creating a new Presentation Catalog in OBI 11g.

The Oracle BI Server and WebLogic Server should be up and running.

  1. Stop the system component service for Presentation Services.
  2. Specify a new web catalog folder location (one that does not exist) for the catalog on the Repository tab of the Deployment main tab page in Fusion Middleware Control Enterprise Manager.
    • Example: <INSTANCE_HOME>/…/catalogs/mynewcatalog
  3. Apply Changes.
  4. Activate Changes.
  5. Restart Presentation Services.

Upon restarting presentation services the new web catalog folder will be  created for you automatically and be set as the active catalog.


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