Art of BI: Clearing BIServer Cache Using Analysis Request

By | In 11g, Art of BI | July 29th, 2011

I had a question the other day from a client about clearing the Oracle BI Server cache.

I had recently saw this post talking about using a very basic connection pool and direct database request to call one of the BI Server procedures, SAPurgeAllCache(), and saving this as an Analysis request that could then be scheduled as an Agent.

Ultimately the code in the SQL Statement for the database request is, Call SAPurgeAllCache().

This is very helfpul. Props to Srini!

Update 2011/07/30

We’ve see this logic in other places like here and Gerard’s full explanation of the ODBC-functions here but this was a great reason for me to post this topic as I ran across it Srini’s blog by accident.

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