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Changes to Oracle’s Professional Database Certification

Author: Steve Thompson | | November 21, 2019

First things first, there’s a new name for the Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) credential. Previously, the OCP name was associated with the release of the database, e.g. 11g OCP or 12c OCP. Now the name is Oracle Database Administration 2019 Certified Professional.

The exams required for the 2019 OCP are as follows:

1. Oracle Database Administration I – 1Z0-082
2. Oracle Database Administration II – 1Z0-083

Say Goodbye to Certified Associate for Oracle Databases

After the 12cR2 OCP, there is no longer a Certified Associate designation for Oracle databases (OCA). The purpose of this certification was considered the first step to obtaining an Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) designation. To obtain an OCA, a candidate was required to pass two exams.

One was usually based on SQL fundamentals, but in 12cR2 you could take an exam on either 11g or 12cR1 administration. The second exam was specific to database administration for the release for which you were trying to obtain an OCA. For example, to obtain an 11g OCA you would need “Oracle Database 11g: Administration 1Z0-052,” but for 12cR2 you would require “Oracle Database 12cR2 Administration 1Z0-072.”

The reasoning behind this change, per Oracle is that the OCA is not a complete core DBA skillset. Removing the OCA title should encourage candidates to fully complete their Oracle Database certification.

Classroom Requirements

There is good news for those who cannot get to an Oracle provided training class. This requirement has gone away completely. Although Oracle still highly recommends taking their classes, it is no longer a necessity. This should free up those who just could not get the training approved or afford to purchase the class on their own. Either way, completing an approved Oracle course, would likely enhance the ability to obtain the knowledge required to pass the latest OCP exams.

Upgrade Path

If you have a 10g or higher OCA or OCP you can obtain the 2019 OCP by taking the exam “Oracle Database Administration II: 1Z0-083.”

For older designations, you will have to take both the 1Z0-083 exam and the “Oracle Database Administration I: 1Z0-082” exam. This is the same as anyone who isn’t currently holding any OCP or OCA designation.

New Certifications for DBAs

With the continued popularity of the cloud, including Oracle’s cloud offerings, it may make sense for a cloud certification. Oracle offers multiple certifications including Oracle Database Cloud Service 2019 Certified Associate and Oracle Cloud Platform Data Management 2019 Certified Associate.

You can even enhance your 11g or higher OCP with the Oracle Database Cloud Administrator Certified Professional certificate by taking the exam: Oracle Database Cloud Service 1Z0-160.

Final Thoughts

Given all of the recent changes to Oracle’s OCP the time to update is now. Technology is changing constantly with data increasing exponentially and it’s best that database administrators keep pace with the change to adapt to the latest and greatest. If you’re looking for assistance in this effort please get in touch with an expert today.

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