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Art of BI: Deploy the OBIEE AnalyticsRes Folder on a WebLogic Server

Since Oracle BI 11g was released it has sought as to use the /analyticsRes folder of the default OBIEE 11g implementation to store media and programmatic scripting files as a best practice. Although you could create a different folder named arbitrarily, containing a WEB-INF folder with web.xml file to denote it is a JEE deployable […]

Christian Screen | October 27, 2015

Art of BI: How to Add Comments in Oracle BI (OBIEE)

Currently there are only a few approaches to adding comments in Oracle BI (OBIEE) dashboards the Oracle BI System: Custom Build, Action Framework, APEX, and BITeamwork. This post will look at each one of these ways to create dashboard comment in OBIEE. This is a common request in all business intelligence systems but currently OBIEE is the only Business Intelligence tool that has a complete end-to-end comment management system that even integrates with Salesforce Chatter and Yammer; it’s called BITeamwork. Let’s look at all of the options in a bit more details below.

Christian Screen | December 29, 2013

Art of BI: Uninstalling WebLogic Not Working on Windows OS

It isn’t often that one has to go about uninstalling WebLogic, the main application server for Oracle Fusion Middleware, when implementing Oracle BI or the EPM suite. However, lately I was doing just that and noticed that the standard uninstall option for WebLogic server was not working. I’ve seen this only on a Windows OS […]

Christian Screen | September 10, 2013

Art of BI: Changing WebLogic Server Deployment Order using MBeans

This post is brought about from some new development on the BITeamwork Collaborative BI solution where one customer had an issue with a delay in the Oracle BI start up supposedly from BITeamwork being deployed as an application with the WebLogic Server default Deployment Order value of 100. This was a valid concern since BITeamwork seeks to call the /analytics JEE application’s web services when it starts in order to assess if OBIEE Presentation Services is actually started.

Christian Screen | June 23, 2013

Art of BI: Ensuring WebLogic IIOP is Enabled

Internet Inter-ORB Protocol can be used to programatically access the WebLogic Server.  It must be turned on though and here are the steps to enable it if it is not already enabled. In the Administration Console, expand Environments and select Servers. Select the Protocols tab, then select IIOP. Enable the IIOP protocol by checking the […]

Christian Screen | August 25, 2011

Art of BI: Weblogic Server LDAP SSL Provider

Okay this is something that isn’t immediately expressed in most integrations and not highlighted in the Oracle BI documentation but it happens every now and then – A client’s LDAP server is SSL protected and we need to leverage LDAP in our Oracle BI implementation. The long and the short of this method are found here,

Christian Screen | August 14, 2011