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Eight Steps to a Digital Workplace: Part 2

You’ve seen the first four steps… but there are four more steps to go. Stay on track for the digital transformation with these strategies.

Jason Wong | July 31, 2018

Eight Steps to a Digital Workplace: Part 1

You’ll enhance the success of your digital transformation project by following these eight steps to change your enterprise into what you’ve always wanted it to be.

Jason Wong | July 19, 2018

Building a Digital Bridge: Three Utilities That Transformed the Digital Customer Experience

Find out about why building a digital bridge for utilities customers isn’t optional, and industry customer engagement success stories.

Vikas Mukhi | April 10, 2018

How Social Media Can Personalize Your Customer Service

Using social media for customer service used to be a trend; now it’s used regularly by companies. New blog posts shows all of the advantages of social media usage.

Vikas Mukhi | April 3, 2018

How to Get Feedback from Customers

Gathering customer data requires a careful approach to asking your customers for information without driving them away.

Vikas Mukhi | March 27, 2018

Redefining the Customer-Centric Utilities Company in the Age of Distributed Energy Resources

The key to a successful DER implementation strategy is in improved customer relationships, including the adoption of successful tools for self-service.

Vikas Mukhi | March 22, 2018