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OBIEE Development

Art of BI: Turn your OBIEE Sample App VM into a Development Environment

you should always have your own development environment where you can test your implementation and Proof of Concepts on before the client development team has access to it. Our development team has initially installed the Sample App v511 for OBIEE 12C on their windows machines in order to implement all Proof of Concepts, including OBIEE 12C new features, to fulfill our client requirements.

Sherry Milad | June 30, 2016
OBIEE Collaboration

Art of BI: BITeamwork 3.8.6 Released – Certified for Oracle BI 12c

Users of BITeamwork can now rejoice! BITeamwork for Oracle BI 12c is now GA.

This comes on the heels of now having dozens of OBIEE customers now using the Oracle BI BITeamwork collaboration tool for commenting on OBIEE Dashboards, annotating Oracle BI reports, and justifying their data from Hyperion or other data stores with commentary that can be exported, or published in to templates.

Christian Screen | June 13, 2016

Art of BI: More BITeamwork Use Cases

Although there are so many areas in analytics where a company can leverage BITeamwork, I have put together a short list of use cases we see our existing customers using BITeamwork for assisting with their EPM or pure analytics processes and workflows. We think these will work within any Oracle BI and Oracle Hyperion customer’s […]

Bill Anderson | March 10, 2016

Art of BI: Print Options Customization Settings for BITeamwork

In the 3.8.1 version of BITeamwork, we’ve provided a new approach using JSON to provide a very seldom used configuration option to those implementations that need special SSL Print Functionality. A good use case for this is for implementations that are using SSL and have a custom SSL handler or if they wish to create […]

Christian Screen | November 26, 2015

Art of BI: BITeamwork 3.8 is Certified for OBIEE

We are pushing towards are our 4.0 release which will be a huge release for our customers and our development team. On the road there we’ve decided to release this key release for BITeamwork which brings in OBIEE support.

Christian Screen | November 16, 2015

Art of BI: Deploy the OBIEE AnalyticsRes Folder on a WebLogic Server

Since Oracle BI 11g was released it has sought as to use the /analyticsRes folder of the default OBIEE 11g implementation to store media and programmatic scripting files as a best practice. Although you could create a different folder named arbitrarily, containing a WEB-INF folder with web.xml file to denote it is a JEE deployable […]

Christian Screen | October 27, 2015
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