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Cannot getVersions error when running a concurrent job from EBS

Author: Eric Russo | | September 2, 2014

General Ledger: Version : 12.0.0
Copyright (c) 1979, 1999, Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved.
GLDRMLDR module: Load Segment Values and Hierarchies
Current system time is 04-DEC-2013 16:16:48
2013.12.04 16:16:53:– Initializaing Load Segment Values and Hierarchies program …
2013.12.04 16:16:53:– Request ID =6365737
2013.12.04 16:16:53:– Value Set =COMPANY_CODE
2013.12.04 16:16:53:– Fetching DRM profile options values …
2013.12.04 16:16:53:– Profile: GL_DRM_VALUE_SET_PROP ==> OracleGL.ValueSet
2013.12.04 16:16:53:– Profile: GL_DRM_VER_EXPORT_PROP ==> OracleGL.AllowExport
2013.12.04 16:16:53:– Profile: GL_DRM_HIER_EXP_PROP ==> OracleGL.AllowHierExport
2013.12.04 16:16:53:– Profile: GL_DRM_VER_EXPORT_DEFN ==> EBSValueSetExport
2013.12.04 16:16:53:– Profile: GL_DRM_HIER_EXPORT_DEFN ==> EBSHierarchyExport
2013.12.04 16:16:53:– Profile: GL_DRM_WSDL_URL ==> http://server:port/oracle-epm-drm-webservices/DrmService?wsdl
2013.12.04 16:16:53:– Profile: GL_DRM_API_URL ==> http://server:port/Oracle/Drm/APIAdapter
2013.12.04 16:16:53:– Profile: GL_DRM_USERNAME ==> username
2013.12.04 16:16:53:– Scanning DRM for version to Export…
2013.12.04 16:16:57:– Event payload –

2013.12.04 16:16:57:– Unexpected Error -> Exception when Invoking Web Service -> javax.xml.rpc.soap.SOAPFaultException: Cannot getVersions. Error while processing AppParameters in SOAP Header: AppParameters does not exist in SOAP Header.
Start of log messages from FND_FILE
If you see error like above, it is most likely because missing patch. make sure below batches are applied and re-test.
Make sure you applied the patch set 11659733:R12.GL.B and Pre-req: 10632813:R12.OWF.B

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