Art of BI: Automatically Deploy Smart View Upgrade

By | In Art of BI | November 23rd, 2009

Whether you are a user or implementer of Smart View there comes a time when an upgrade is necessary. Since each user installs the smart view binaries on their workstation/laptop, the question of how to push a system-wide upgrade may arise. Fortunately this functionality is built into Essbase Administration Services.


1.  From Enterprise View or a custom view, select the provider node under the Provider Services node.

2. Right-click and select Edit > Properties.

3. In Provider Services Properties, select Client Deployment.

4. Select an option:

  • Force Smart View client to upgrade—Requires the user to upgrade in order to continue using Smart View.
  • Warn Smart View client to upgrade—Informs users that a new version of Smart View is available to upgrade. Users can continue to use existing Smart View client without upgrading.
  • Apply Smart View client to upgrade—Enables the administrator to apply new versions of Smart View and inform users without needing to restart Provider Services.

5. Click Apply.

6. Click Close.

7. In the Provider Services directory, C:HyperionAnalyticProviderServicesredist, modify version.xml to add a line for the Provider Services URL:


The same version.xml shows where to add the line:


By completing the above steps, when users attempt  to access provider services they will be prompted to upgrade.


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4 thoughts on “Art of BI: Automatically Deploy Smart View Upgrade”
  1. This probably works great for users who have admin rights and can install software on their PC. But, in my company, most users do not have admin rights. The software has to be pushed via a software delivery tool or a tech has to do the install. This makes it difficult to upgrade, since, once we upgrade Provider Services, the prior version of SmartView no longer works. Users then have to wait for the package to be pushed to their PCs. And none of that can happen until we actually create the package that will be pushed and make sure it doesn't break anything on the PC it's pushed to. It's a bit of a challenge.

    1. Jerry,
      I completely agree with you that upgrades can be challenging. Administration of Hyperion tools vary from organization to organization. This can even be more of a challenge when relating to BI services as such a small percentage of employees use these tools even though those users have such a huge analytical impact on the company. I have no immediate solution to ease your pain. We often work with clients on developing an upgrade strategy specific to their infrastructure, standards, and bureaucracies. Just know that I feel your pain on this one.


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