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Art of BI: OBIEE 12c Upgrade Gone Wrong? Bring in Datavail

Author: Bill Anderson | 3 min read | July 26, 2017

As Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) consultants, we work with a wide range of clients in a number of industries with Oracle BI application customizations that run the gamut of simple modifications to incredibly detailed, organizational process-specific tweaks. Every customer is different and every instance of OBIEE needs to be configured accordingly.

What we do see rather consistently, however, are clients who hired inexperienced help to complete an OBIEE upgrade and quickly found that their contractor did not understand their business or the application well enough to properly complete the upgrade. As a result, the client is stuck either halfway through or right back at the beginning of the upgrade process despite thousands of dollars of investment.

This problem doesn’t appear to be industry-specific. We’ve even seen it happen in technology companies! Luckily, our team knows this landscape incredibly well – we can step into any situation and untie the knots, rerun the upgrade properly, and get it right the first time.

If you’ve had an upgrade go wrong, bring in Datavail. Here are the aspects of OBIEE that can be adversely affected by an improper upgrade – and that our team has the expertise to optimize no matter how big the mess:

  • Technical deployment

o   Upgrading to 12c is a different process than prior versions. Knowing the correct steps to take and who to reach out to when can circumvent the issues of resource allocation and provide a realistic project plan.

  • Infrastructure

o   Making sure the infrastructure is compatible with the certification matrix. Standardizing all environments involved in the upgrade so all are installed and configured the same (unless requested otherwise) for consistency.

  • Core Oracle analytics

o   Where everything is in the new 12c environment compared to the old 11g.

  • Security

o   Knowing what pieces of security are moved during the actual upgrade and the specific pieces that need to be moved after the upgrade is completed, so security is the same as it used to be in the older environment.

  • Report development

o   Understanding the client’s customizations that may not be a part of the bar file in the upgrade and replacing them in the upgraded environment if needed. Utilizing the new features of 12c (if owned). Migrating the objects using the Service Instance backup.

  • High availability sets

o   Knowing the proper way to scale out an environment for high availability so that the machine name is listed and no the IP address. Making sure the servers are in sync and proper items are created/setup  to properly facilitate HA

Datavail’s Oracle BI consultants have expertise not only in upgrades, but also installation, configuration, report and dashboard development, Oracle BI training, and more. Learn more about how we can optimize your Oracle BI in our white paper, Seven BI and Analytics Services That Strengthen Your Oracle Infrastructure.

Datavail is a specialized IT services company focused on Data Management with solutions in BI/DW, analytics, database administration, custom application development, and enterprise applications. We provide both professional and managed services delivered via our global delivery model, focused on Microsoft, Oracle and other leading technologies.

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