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Art of BI: OBI12c Basic Paths and Commands

Bill Anderson | | October 5, 2017

Based on some work we’ve been doing with our clients recently, we thought it would be helpful to write up Linux-based references to some (not all) common file paths that have changed between OBI11g and OBI12c and the basic new commands (Start/Stop/Status, RPD, Service Instance Backup) of Oracle BI 12c. Feel free to save this as a reference document for future Oracle BI 12c activities.

Some of the Basic Oracle BI 12c File Locations and Commands:

**Note these are based on a single application server environment not at scaled out environment.



Web Catalog:


Start/Stop/Status Scripts:

/ORACLE_HOME /user_projects/domains/bi/bitools/bin          


With the above 2 commands, you can specifically start/ stop different services by utilizing the –i (lower case i) placing it directly after the cmd and then specifying the services you wish to start/stop


./ –i obis1,obisch1,obijh1,obiccs1,obips1
./ –i AdminServer,bi_server1,obis1,obips1


Download/Upload RPD:

/ORACLE_HOME /user_projects/domains/bi/bitools/bin


./ downloadrpd -O  /Directory/To/Save/OBI12c.rpd -SI ssi -U weblogic -P password


./ uploadrpd -I /Directory/Of/Saved/OBI12c.rpd -SI ssi -U weblogic -P password

Common Log Files:






Common Configuration Files:

/ORACLE_HOME /user_projects/domains/bi/config/fmwconfig

Some Examples:



WebLogic Scripting tool:


Export/Import Service Instance: (aka Service Instance Backup/Restore or Service Instance Migration)


Backup Instance:

exportServiceInstance('Domian_Home','ssi','Work_Directory','Export_Directory','','','',Catalog_Runtime_Info,'Include _Credentials')


exportServiceInstance('/app/oracle/biee/user_projects/domains/bi','ssi','/app/oracle/workDir','/app/oracle /exportDir','','','',true,'Password1')

Restore Backup of Instance:





Was this helpful? What other reference-able material would you like to have? Let us know in the comments.

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