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Art of BI: Essbase Cloud Service – First Look, Benefits, and Training

Author: Christian Screen | | December 14, 2016

Having worked with Hyperion tools and Essbase for over a decade, I have to say that the introduction of the Essbase Cloud Services is an amazing concept that all Hyperion users and developers should look forward to. As one of Oracle’s top Oracle Analytics and EPM partners, Datavail is providing Essbase Cloud Service First Look and Training walkthroughs and implementations for our Hyperion and Oracle BI customers. This includes EPCRS, BICS, and PBCS customers but especially on-premise Hyperion Essbase customers who will benefit from the Essbase Cloud Service as an integrated hybrid or full migration solution. An additional series on Essbase Cloud Service will follow with insights and tutorials. We think three of the major benefits of moving to the Essbase Cloud Service (ESSCS) are:

  1. Reduction of clutter for on-site Essbase database (cube) silos with migration or off-loading to a versatile and robust cloud infrastructure.
  2. More control over BICS, PBCS, EPCRS and other cloud based reporting solutions.
  3. Faster, if not near unlimited, scale and computing power for large and complex Essbase models.

Here are three reasons your company will need Essbase Cloud Service Training:

  1. The only consistent thing in life is change. The Essbase management console for ESSCS is completely remixed and the interface has changed. Business users will need some help getting up to speed with Essbase. Datavail offers an Oracle Analytics and EPM training catalog that is well suited for this type of learning.
  2. With great power comes great responsibility. ESSCS allows for a collaborative development approach unseen by the antiquated EAS Console. So, learning how to work together and deploy and sync to on premise is critical for many organizations looking to advance how they operate within the new Hyperion/Essbase paradigm.
  3. Free Your Mind. Learn from experts and Oracle partners that are versed both in legacy Hyperion/Essbase best practices and the new Essbase Cloud Service practices to accelerate your ramp-up time and confidence level in the Essbase cloud solution.

And here are three ways your company can partner and engage with Datavail for Essbase Cloud Services and other related Oracle Analytics and EPM expertise:

  1. Professional Services – Take advantage of our capacity to support your Essbase Cloud Service, PBCS, BICS, or even on-premise Hyperion and Oracle BI implementations. Ask us about our Oracle Analytics hybrid cloud solution architecture.
  2. Managed Services – Datavail has one of the most advanced managed services offerings in the industry for the Oracle database platform, Oracle BI, Hyperion, and Oracle Cloud Services.
  3. Training – Make use of our training course catalog, which has training courses for Oracle Analytics, Hyperion, Oracle Data Integrator, BICS, PBCS, Visual Analyzer and more.

If you’d like a demo of the Oracle Analytics or EPM Cloud Services, need capacity for an upcoming project, or expert assistance, please contact us.


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