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Are You Confused About Oracle Database Extended Support Deadlines? Here’s What You Need to Know

Steve Thompson | | April 11, 2019

Douglas Adams, author of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” was famously bad with deadlines and “I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by,” is one of his popular quotes.

Adams was a humorist, and the rest of us can’t be quite that casual about our deadlines. That’s especially true of support deadlines, because life gets complicated if you’re out of support. Due to some complications with naming conventions, understand what’s in-support and out-of-support for Oracle Database is a bit confusing right now. Keep reading to get a comprehensive overview of what’s in store for 11g through 19c.

The three currently supported versions of Oracle Database are at various stages of their life cycles, with 11.2 and 12.1 covered now by Extended Support and 12.2 (which technically includes aka Oracle 18c, and aka Oracle 19c) remaining under Premier Support. Here’s a quick at-a-glance recap of their support deadlines, to help guide your upgrade plans.

Deadline Dates for Current Oracle Versions

Each new release of Oracle Database receives five years of Premier Support from its release date. If purchased, Extended Support provides an additional three years for a total of eight. The support deadline for 11.2 is coming in hot, but end dates for the newer versions should be on your radar as well:

  • Version 11.2 reached end of Premier Support in January 2015, and reaches end of Extended Support in December 2020.
  • Version 12.1 reached the end of its Premier Support in July 2018, and Extended Support will reach its deadline in July 2021.
  • Version (18c) – end of support is not yet determined, but will occur 24 months after the on-premises release of (19c).
  • Version (19c), which is not yet released on-prem, will reach the end of its Premier Support in March 2023 and the end of its Extended Support in March 2026.

Extended Support is not available for the intervening point releases, only the major releases listed here:

Oracle Support Deadlines

When Extended Support Ends

After your database product reaches the end of its Extended Support, you’ll have Oracle’s Sustaining Support indefinitely. That’s useful, but you won’t be getting any new updates, critical patch updates or security alerts. You also won’t be able to keep up with legal or regulatory changes. It’s like tweaking your old Game Boy: You can make it as good as new (or even better) but it’s still not going to have Bluetooth support or a 4K display.

Sustaining Support is great if you need it, but if you optimal functionality from your mission-critical systems, you’ll complete your next database upgrade before that day arrives. Contact Datavail today to learn how we can help you through that process, from the earliest planning to final implementation.

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