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A New Cloud for SMEs

Author: Patrick Gates | | May 15, 2017

Cloud services have increased in popularity, with a great percentage of businesses and organizations currently using or planning to use them. Despite this increased popularity, however, most businesses — especially the SMEs — are finding it hard to migrate to the cloud. Cash flow also remains a key issue for SMEs, forcing them to navigate the complex and often expensive options they can’t afford.

Challenges with cloud migration and services

Many businesses, in a bid to find workable solutions, end up with many cloud services. This tends to be very expensive, especially for the SMEs.

The lack of migration path to the cloud by major cloud service providers that have concentrated more on handling net-new workloads is another great challenge facing SMEs. Migration path to the cloud that enterprises run today has been largely ignored by many cloud providers. Businesses, especially SMEs, often lack control over their cloud services, especially when moving their business-critical applications to the cloud.

The increased cost of operation is also an issue businesses are faced with. The use of different cloud services to be able to attain business objectives usually results in increased operational costs in terms of capital expenditures for bandwidth, cloud hosting, training, and deployment of additional equipment, which in turn could also lead to increased network complexity.

With the rise of cyber attacks and data breaches, protection of enterprise data is very important. Security in the cloud is a top priority, and the process of migrating to the cloud should be carried out with utmost care and by experts.

Oracle Cloud: Providing the best path to the cloud

Oracle Cloud provides SMEs with a more efficient and agile computing infrastructure. Oracle has also come up with a great cloud migration tool that could provide SMEs with access to cloud services at the lowest possible entry. With this tool, SMEs can carry out their enterprise-scale, mission-critical and legacy workloads comfortably and at affordable rates.

“Beyond simply shifting to more efficient and agile computing infrastructure, the cloud ‘changes how businesses run and people work, creating new categories of business and disrupting existing ones,’ said Steve Daheb, Oracle vice president of cloud strategy.” — Forbes

Oracle provides high security when migrating to the cloud. Migrating to the cloud with Oracle always triggers a software review by Oracle and, frequently, a compliance audit.

In a bid to provide the best path to the cloud, Oracle has upgraded its cloud features. It now offers integrated offering across IaaS and PaaS, enabling businesses to leverage the cloud. This has allowed SMEs to leverage the same best-in-class features as enterprises. Oracle also offers an easy and fast transition to the cloud with a minimum upfront, a good thing for SMEs.

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