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7 Reasons to Consider an Upgrade to Oracle EBS 12.2

Author: Vivek Tiwari | | June 24, 2020

Upgrading to Oracle EBS 12.2 means the introduction of numerous positive changes such as a modern user experience, functionality advancements, streamlined installation, operational efficiency, continuous innovation, and increased performance. But this does not mean that the decision to upgrade is an automatic “yes.” Organizations need to look at the features offered with each release to determine whether the value they bring justifies the potential challenges.

Here are a few use cases that might lead you to upgrade:

Use Case #1: New functionality

The additional functionality of Oracle EBS 12.2 provides a measurable and significant improvement over current processes. Features that streamline, automate, or otherwise improve key business processes boost efficiency and productivity. Calculate the time and cost savings associated with these functions, as well as any other bottom line impacts, to get hard data on whether the upgrade makes sense.

Use Case #2: Customized business processes are now part of standard Oracle EBS functionality

When each line of business has its own set of customized business processes, collaborating across the organization becomes difficult. Customized processes are also at-risk during upgrades. If the same processes are now part of the standard functions in Oracle EBS 12.2, they can easily be standardized across the company to reduce complexity.

Use Case #3: An upgrade is required to maintain compliance

Regulated industries have compliance requirements around new technology, and this often means being on the latest version. It may become necessary to upgrade EBS to remain compliant and avoid an audit.

Use Case #4: Organizations want more cyber security measures in place

Unsupported versions of EBS no longer receive security updates, which makes them more vulnerable to an attack. Cyber security-centric organizations are often invested in adopting the latest versions of all critical software.

Use Case #5: Reduced and time and cost of online patching

Many of the challenges associated with Oracle EBS upgrades come from time and resource commitments – continuous innovation drastically reduces this in future upgrades. If the anticipation of future upgrades has been holding you back, you may find that investing in a 12.2 upgrade is worth the effort in the long-term.

Use Case #6: Greater mobility is required

Many organizations are embracing a more mobile workforce, which means that their critical business systems need to keep up. The latest versions of Oracle EBS 12.2 continue to improve the mobile experience to support this need.

Use Case #7: Upgrading Oracle EBS results in lower total cost of ownership

The changes in patching, the addition of continuous innovation, new time-saving features, and improvements in operations can lower the overall costs associated with an Oracle EBS installation. If this is the case for you company, an upgrade is a win-win.


Want to dig further into Oracle EBS 12.2? Download my white paper, “Oracle EBS 12.2 Upgrade Decision-Making Guide.”

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