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Author: Wesley Lifford
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Percona Cluster

Percona’s Clustercheck Script for MySQL Galera

Learn how to set up and use Percona’s clustercheck script in a MySQL Galera Cluster.

Wesley Lifford | August 24, 2016
Backing Up MySQL

Backing Up MySQL Galera Cluster

This blog post discusses three main methods of backing up Galera Cluster.

Wesley Lifford | August 16, 2016
Galera Cluster

Why Choose a Galera Based Clustering Solution for MySQL

Overall, Galera based clustering is a robust and solid solution for high availability. Running on a 3 node Galera based cluster allows you to distribute writes and reads as you see fit while also allowing you to perform maintenance or schema upgrades without downtime.

Wesley Lifford | February 2, 2016

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