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Author: Victor Kaitell
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Faster, Smarter, Safer: Your Organization in Containers

Modernizing applications using containers facilitates a faster pace for developing, testing & deploying new applications as customer demands increase.

Victor Kaitell | December 9, 2021

Containerization: Better Quality Assurance Through Automation

Containerization and automation could help organizations streamline QA processes and workflows. Learn more.

Victor Kaitell | October 21, 2021

9 Things You Should Know About Microservices

An overview of what microservices is and what it (not “they”) does.

Victor Kaitell | October 5, 2021

Why Microservices Architecture is Better than Monolithic

A list of the issues with monolithic architecture, and how microservices solves the problems caused by monolithic architecture.

Victor Kaitell | September 8, 2021

The Choice Between Virtualization and Containerization

What’s the difference between containerization and virtual machines, the pros and cons for each, and when and why should they be used?

Victor Kaitell | August 24, 2021

What You Need to Know About Containerization: An Overview

A complete overview of containers, including what they are, the difference between them and virtual machines (VMs), why you would use them and how to get started.

Victor Kaitell | July 6, 2021

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