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Author: Sarah Novotny
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IOUG MySQL Council, Collaborate and MySQL CE

I’ve had a week to think about and listen to the varying feedback around the O’Reilly MySQL and Collaborate conferences. There are many good points in the conversation I’ve been listening to. In particular, Baron Schwarz reminds everyone that the O’Reilly Conference brings together a unique cohort once a year that everyone looks forward to. […]

Sarah Novotny | April 26, 2011

MySQL Editions and Support- what do I get with community?

The new licensing that was announced by Oracle earlier this month caused some FUD in the community that was addressed last week in an updated graphic comparing support and binary options and blog post from Oracle. However, one of our customers sent me this earlier this week.

Sarah Novotny | November 22, 2010

Defining MySQL Backup Strategies

Backups may seem like a complicated subject, but they can be simplified into one multi variable question. What $DATA is so important that you don’t feel you could be missing it for $TTR and you can’t lose more than $RPO of it? I am using the acronyms TTR to represent the time to recovery objective and RPO to represent the recovery point objective.

Sarah Novotny | November 4, 2010

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