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Author: Anu Chaudhary
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Flex Your Data With Self-Service BI Analytics

Self-service business intelligence (SSBI) programs, take advantage of evolving technical principles and operations and apply those to today’s most successful business practices.

Anu Chaudhary | August 30, 2018

A Case Study in Migrating to the Cloud with OBIA

There’s a whole spectrum of possibilities between fully on-premises and fully in the cloud. Here’s the true story of how one enterprise found a middle ground using OBIA.

Anu Chaudhary | August 22, 2018

Self-Service BI & Analytics Closes Data Gaps

The capacity to choose which data is relevant without having to go through an IT provider gives business owners better control over how they manage their entity.

Anu Chaudhary | August 2, 2018

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