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Former CIO launches database service

Mark Hall

On the Mark

Published on Computerworld Blogs

Finding good database administrators in the Denver area has gotten more difficult of late. That’s because Mike Jones, who used to be the CIO at Level3 Communications and Corporate Express, snagged 25 DBAs, most of whom he says he knew from past work, after he launched his startup managed service, Datavail Corporation, there in January. The CEO says he added those two dozen staffers to the 50 working in Mumbai, India. Their mission is to manage your databases remotely so you don’t have to. He claims his team has expertise on Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2 and Informix systems. According to Jones, a top-flight senior-level DBA would cost a business upwards of $150,000 a year with salary, benefits and gear. But he can supply you with a staff watching over your databases 24×7 starting at $100,000 annually. Even if you’ve already got a DBA or two, you can use his service to let them take a much needed vacation, he quips. Jones says that the shortfall of DBAs has prompted technical recruiters unable to locate talent themselves to approach Datavail and suggest linking the company up with the recruiters’ clients for a small fee. Could Headhunter Service Providers be the next wave in online services?

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