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Datavail Releases Cloud-based Automation Platform for Databases

Datavail TechBoost™ tracks 500+ customizable metrics

BROOMFIELD, Colo. Nov. 9, 2020 – Datavail announces the release and successful implementation of Datavail TechBoost™, a proprietary cloud-based automation platform for databases. Datavail TechBoost™ builds upon the foundation that its predecessor, Datavail Delta established. Datavail TechBoost™ comes with Datavail’s database managed service and is currently used by 400+ customers to process two million incidents and monitor 400,000 databases.

The core features of Datavail TechBoost™ include:

  • Support for Windows Server, Amazon RDS, Microsoft SQL Server, SharePoint, MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • Integration with AWS CloudWatch to collect infrastructure, database, and cloud platform insights
  • Pre-configured best practice template library for monitoring various workloads
  • User-definable metrics
  • Root Cause Engine (RCE) that translates monitoring events into automation activities to accelerate resolution
  • On demand, 120 point fully automated database health check built from the practical experience of 650 DBAs supporting databases for a decade
  • Database specific monitors that help avoid service impacting events that infrastructure monitoring solutions can’t see
  • Real-time notifications
  • Non-intrusive, lightweight server agent that complements other monitoring/automation solutions
  • Integration with ServiceNow ITSM platform

The best database system tools should be able to easily monitor and automate even the most complex IT environments, and seamlessly raise intelligent alerts that dispatch the right response and drive accelerated resolutions,” said Eric Russo, Senior Vice President, Database services.That’s why Datavail invested in its own IP and developed Datavail TechBoost™ to automate a wide variety of operating system and database tasks that improves the service experience and drives efficiency.

Datavail TechBoost™ product roadmap will launch additional features and functionality including support for Oracle, Amazon Aurora, MongoDB database in future releases.

Find out more about why over 400 customers rely on Datavail TechBoost™ to process two million incidents and monitor 400,000 databases.

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