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Brook Shuford

Chief Information Security Officer

Brook Shuford is an industry recognized leader in Secure Information Technology design, operations and compliance management. Brook has developed and managed secure operations architectures for practically every aspect of today’s businesses.

Brook has spent over 25 years in the practice of software development, IT operations, and Cybersecurity. Since the 1990s when developing software encryption and protection software for Software Security Corporation, his focus on demonstrating and managing risk via structured controls has been paramount. After managing the global enterprise support organization for Prudential Relocation Management, he left in 1998 to develop the strongest and fastest growing Security Consulting Practice in the New York / New England area for AimNet solutions, which was soon acquired by Cognizant Corporation in 2004.

From 2004 to 2016, Brook has acted as Principal for Integration Intelligence, a New York based security consulting firm, leading a team of security specialists who work with enterprise leaders to develop architectures and strategies for secure technology, delivering significant value to corporate and organizational objectives. In those years, he has built and led several successful security and technology consulting practices for organizations such as AimNet Solutions (Cognizant), CIBER, Savvis, CenturyLink, as well as Integration Intelligence.

Since 2011, Brook has been working with Datavail Corporation, implementing and managing the highest level of security standards and controls, including the transformation of Datavail’s operations processes to a single, secure source of operations. Brook has been integral in managing Datavail’s path to cross-discipline service compliance and overall organizational security management. These efforts have resulted in a world-class, ISO certified secure organization in Datavail.

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