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Datavail TechBoostTM

Cloud-based Automation Platform for Databases

Every second counts when it comes to your data.

Traditionally, DBAs have used custom monitoring scripts, especially in cases where budget isn’t available for industrial-strength monitoring tools. Or, organizations working with vendors are forced to use tools that don’t integrate seamlessly into a customer service platform.

There’s a better way with Datavail TechBoostTM. Datavail TechBoostTM offers a world-class cloud-based automation platform as part of our service that was designed to leverage the real-life experience of our database administrators (DBAs). It automatically monitors activities in complex client environments and keeps in constant communication.

Datavail TechBoostTM currently monitors 500+ customizable server and database metrics, sends out real-time notifications and speeds up resolution of your database issues.

Datavail TechBoostTM Functionality & Benefits

  • Customizable default metrics: Datavail TechBoostTM monitors the metrics most important to your database performance. If Windows can track it, it’s available as a metric.
  • Real-time notifications: Your DBA resources can immediately get to work on resolving an issue through real-time alerts that provide actionable information to aid troubleshooting processes.
  • Root Cause Engine (RCE) automates determination of root cause, speeds resolution time and reduces help prevent incidents from becoming chronic.
  • Lightweight footprint: This database automation solution only requires 200 MB of disk space and 30 MB of memory.
  • 24x7x365 monitoring: It’s always on and always available. Your database is always at work, so your monitoring and automation solution service should be too.
  • Eliminates implementation expenses: There’s no need to set up your own expensive database automation infrastructure, Datavail TechBoostTM does it for you as part of our services.
  • Lower DBA opportunity cost: Allows your organization’s key technical resources to focus on more proactive and strategic measures.
  • On demand Datavail Database Health Check
  • Customer-facing portal
  • Support for Windows Server, Amazon RDS, Microsoft SQL Server, SharePoint, and PostgreSQL.
  • Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB and Amazon Aurora support coming soon!

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Find out more about why over 400 customers rely on Datavail TechBoost to process two million incidents and monitor 400,000 databases. Contact Datavail using the form on this page for more information and to experience this innovative cloud-based automation platform solution yourself.

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Datavail TechBoost

Datavail TechBoost™ empowers your organization by improving the availability, reliability, and performance of your databases through fast issue identification and resolution.


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