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The Perfect DBA Doesn’t Exist.
But Your Perfect DBA Team Does.

Here’s Datavail’s resume to prove it.

Contact Information

Company name: Datavail
Email: [email protected]
Phone number: (877) 634-9222
Address: Broomfield, CO (US Headquarters) + Offices in Canada, India, and Colombia


All your data management needs. One team of talented experts. 15+ years of helping organizations turn data into decisions.

Get access to a global team of 1,000+ data professionals on-shore, near-shore, off-shore, and hybrid for 24x7x365 database managed support and professional services. No need to worry about unused coverage, vacations, sick days, unexpected retirements, or single points of failure.

Our DBAs are backed by Datavail’s $25 million investment in IP that improves the service experience and drives efficiency. 700+ customers depend on Datavail, and our typical customer has been with us for 7+ years.


  • Cloud Databases (AWS, Azure, OCI) 100% 100%
  • Open-Source Databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB) 100% 100%
  • NoSQL Databases (MongoDB, Cassandra, DynamoDB, CosmosDB) 100% 100%
  • Commercial Databases (SQL Server, Oracle, IBM Db2) 100% 100%

Datavail’s Experience

  • Migrated 6 TB of production data from an on-premises MySQL-compatible database and SQL Server to 2 instances of Amazon RDS for MySQL.
  • Successfully performed the cloud migration by the organization’s 3-month deadline, using custom scripts and AWS Database Migration Service.
  • Cloud migration and modernization of the organization’s databases to AWS led to 50% in cut costs associated with licenses, hardware, and data center fees.
  • Planned and executed a large-scale Oracle to PostgreSQL database migration project featuring 100s of gigs of data and 300+tables.
  • Replaced Oracle-specific SQL extensions with PostgreSQL equivalents across extensive schema of 100s of views, functions, and procedures
  • Enabled the customer to meet goals for improved analytics and strategic planning across all business lines.
  • Planned and implemented the Oracle 12c to 19c database upgrade, ensuring the organization’s database infrastructure remained up-to-date and supported.
  • Ensured that the database upgrade process allowed the organization to have uninterrupted access to its critical data without disruption.
  • Managed the project from start to finish, ensuring on-time delivery and adherence to budget constraints.

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Design your perfect DBA mix and see how Datavail’s team-based approach and our flexible, fractional resources compare to doing everything in-house. (And don’t forget to account for an average 4-6 month wait to even fill those in-house roles).

Use the form below to design your perfect DBA mix and our experts will help make that “perfect candidate” a reality:

Certifications and Partnerships

AWS Advanced Tier Partner
  • 100+ AWS certified data professionals
  • Microsoft Workloads Competency
  • Oracle Services Competency
  • Amazon EC2, RDS, and Aurora Service Delivery Partner

Microsoft Solutions Partner

  • 550+ Microsoft certified data professionals
  • Data & AI – Azure
  • Digital & App Innovation – Azure

Oracle Partner

  • 300+ Oracle certified data professionals
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Open-Source Database Partnerships

  • MySQL Partner
  • MongoDB Premier Partner
  • MariaDB Partner


See what Datavail customers have to say about our DBA teams.

Natus Medical Incorporated

“Datavail’s DBAs are highly skilled in database architecture, migrations, monitoring, and administration. For the spend we make with Datavail, we get 24×7 coverage of our databases with expert guidance and a full staff at the cost of less than a single full-time DBA.”


“We lost an advanced level DBA to attrition and replaced the role of the FTE with the Datavail support team, resulting in a substantial cost savings and increased expertise.”

Financial Services Company

“Datavail has become an integral part of our technology team. They are part of our daily processes and weekly meetings, and they provide valuable insight that helps keep us moving forward as well making sure our Data and Systems are always available to our end users. The service we get from Datavail is exceptional; we use them not only for DBA services but all our production deployment and overnight load monitoring.”

Now More than Ever: 10 Reasons You Need Half a DBA

While we assemble your perfect DBA team, learn more about the benefits of Datavail’s flexible approach where you only pay for what you need.

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