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Palmcoast Achieves Cost Savings and Increased Expertise


In today’s competitive business landscape, companies are constantly seeking ways to optimize their operations while reducing costs. For Palmcoast, a leading Consumer Services company, this meant finding a solution to improve their database administration quality, enhance coverage, and lower expenses. Enter Datavail, a trusted provider of remote database management services. In this case study, we will explore how Palmcoast leveraged Datavail’s expertise to overcome their loss of an advanced level DBA.

Lower Costs and Improve Database Administration Quality

Palmcoast faced the daunting task of maintaining their databases while simultaneously keeping costs in check. By partnering with Datavail, they were able to address both objectives effectively. Through remote database management services, Datavail offered Palmcoast round-the-clock coverage, including weekends and holidays. This eliminated the need for an in-house full-time employee responsible for DB support, resulting in substantial cost savings.

Additionally, Datavail’s team of highly skilled experts brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Their specialized focus on database administration allowed them to deliver unparalleled quality that exceeded Palmcoast’s expectations. With thorough database assessments and health checks, Datavail identified areas for improvement and implemented performance tuning strategies that optimized system efficiency.

Enhanced Coverage and Reallocated Resources

One of the key benefits that Palmcoast experienced after partnering with Datavail was improved coverage across their databases. The dedicated team at Datavail ensured that any issues or concerns were promptly addressed 24×7. This round-the-clock support provided peace of mind for Palmcoast’s IT department and allowed them to focus on other critical tasks without worrying about potential downtime or disruptions.

Moreover, by entrusting their database management to Datavail, Palmcoast was able to reallocate valuable staff resources more strategically. They no longer needed to rely on internal employees who may have had limited expertise in database administration. Instead, they could leverage Datavail’s team of specialists, who possessed the necessary skills and knowledge to handle any database-related challenges that arose.

“We lost an advanced level DBA to attrition and replaced the role of the FTE with the Datavail support team resulting in a substantial cost savings and increased expertise.”


Palmcoast’s experience with Datavail serves as a compelling case study for companies seeking cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. By leveraging Datavail’s remote database management services, Palmcoast achieved significant cost savings while benefiting from increased expertise and improved coverage. The seamless partnership allowed Palmcoast to focus on their core business objectives while leaving their database administration needs in the hands of trusted professionals. If your company is facing similar challenges or looking for ways to optimize your database operations, consider partnering with a reputable provider like Datavail.

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