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Skyrocket Your Business Success with PeopleSoft Cloud Manager

Author: Pramod Alluri | | March 30, 2023


PeopleSoft Cloud Manager is a new, free enterprise application that businesses can access when they migrate to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Organizations can leverage various benefits and features to optimize their day-to-day business operations. PeopleSoft Cloud Manager can provide users with the ability to automate multiple installation processes and cloud deployment.

Furthermore, PeopleSoft Cloud Manager can make elastic scaling based on demand, life cycle management, self-service provisioning, and migrating on-premise infrastructure through lift and shift strategies much more accessible than ever before. However, PeopleSoft Cloud Manager is only available through a subscription to Oracle Cloud, requiring users to migrate legacy applications, workloads, and data to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to leverage the numerous benefits.

Benefits of PeopleSoft Cloud Manager on Oracle Cloud:

1) Automated Provisioning

Automated provisioning refers to granting and controlling access to programs, organizational systems, and data within an organization using automated procedures.

Automated provisioning can enable your business to relieve IT and HR departments of the burden, responsibility, and risk of manual provisioning. Furthermore, automated provisioning can help manage access as users join, change roles, or leave an organization faster than ever before. When new employees, consultants, and contractors are added to a business’s identity management system, automated provisioning autonomously provides them with access to the resources, applications, and data needed to perform their duties. This can enable companies to significantly reduce costs, use scarce resources, and increase efficiency and productivity.

It can also help reduce user downtime resulting from a lack of access to crucial organizational data and insights and human error caused due to manual processes. Therefore, with PeopleSoft Cloud Manager on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, your business can leverage the numerous benefits of automated provisioning without significantly using time and resources.

2)  Customizable Application Deployment

PeopleSoft Cloud Manager allows businesses to publish application templates that facilitate customizable and configured environments easily. Customizable application deployment using PeopleSoft Cloud Manager revolves around application templates that enable users to customize their application deployment using user-friendly, flexible deployment tools. These templates utilize custom topology to help construct the whole deployment process from beginning to end.

These customized templates and topologies on PeopleSoft Cloud Manager through Oracle Cloud can enable your business to teach valuable and sustainable best practices within your application deployment, customize, analyze, and configure environments, and model organizational systems for self-service utilization.

3) Life Cycle Management

Businesses operating on PeopleSoft Cloud Manager through Oracle Cloud can take advantage of life cycle management tools. Life cycle management allows users to subscribe to update release channels and leverage the benefits of automated application patching and total environment control.

Furthermore, your business can gain access to update release channels for PeopleTools and PeopleSoft enterprise applications, hence allowing users to configure channels with a schedule for processes such as PeopleSoft Release Patchsets (PRPs), downloading various update images, keeping track of PeopleTools releases, managing PUM environments, maintenance procedures and more.

Life cycle management using PeopleSoft Cloud Manager also enables users to access automated patching and gain 360-degree control of external complications. This can provide businesses with a greater sense of control and governance over organizational processes. Therefore, utilizing PeopleSoft Cloud Manager through Oracle Cloud can allow your business to optimize life cycle management and safely experiment with and evaluate new application features.

4) Self-Service Deployment

One of the most significant advantages of managing business processes and operations using PeopleSoft Cloud Manager through Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is self-service deployment. Users can leverage the advantages of on-demand setups using PeopleSoft Cloud Manager’s self-service provisioning for specific use cases. Therefore, your business can employ this template-driven provisioning which also offers specific topology definitions.

PeopleSoft Cloud Manager’s customizable application deployment can also help your business set up new and fresh environments with specific characteristics using customized and published templates in a concise amount of time.

Furthermore, PeopleSoft Cloud Manager’s self-service deployment capabilities allow end-users to select specifications within these environments to create on-demand sub-environments, demo environments, test environments, production environments, and more.

Access PeopleSoft Cloud Manager by Migrating to Oracle Cloud:

PeopleSoft Cloud Manager, which is only available through a subscription to Oracle Cloud, has a wide variety of powerful features that can be highly transformational for your business. These include automated provisioning, customizable application deployment, life cycle management, self-service deployment, and more. Therefore, migrating on-premise, legacy applications, workloads, and data to Oracle Cloud through a lift and shift strategy can enable your business to take advantage of these tools and capabilities.

Learn more about what the benefits of cloud migration are and how a lift and shift migration work by downloading our whitepaper, “Lift and Shift on-premise PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure“. Get in touch with our team of experts to learn how Datavail can help you migrate your business to Oracle Cloud.


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