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High Availability in Db2 LUW with Pacemaker

Datavail Presentation

High availability is a top priority for many organizations, but they may not want to use proprietary solutions to implement it. Pacemaker delivers an open-source high availability solution for Db2 LUW for on-premises and cloud deployments.

In this session, we will discuss:

  • What is Pacemaker: An introduction to Pacemaker, its functionality, and important concepts.
  • What is Corosync: An introduction to Corosync and how it’s used alongside Pacemaker.
  • Pacemaker Db2 Version Compatibility: A brief overview of the Pacemaker deployment options for Db2.
  • Pacemaker Cloud Platform Compatibility: A brief overview of the cloud platforms that support Pacemaker on Db2.
  • Comparing Pacemaker to Other Db2 HADR Solutions: This section will cover the pros and cons of Pacemaker and how it compares to alternative high availability solutions for Db2, as well as common use cases for this solution.
  • Configuring Pacemaker in the Cloud: This section goes into detail on how to configure Pacemaker in the cloud by walking through a case study involving this process.
  • Pacemaker Recommendations: We supply additional Pacemaker recommendations for database administrators looking to implement this high availability solution, to give them actionable tips on how to get the most out of this software.

This session is intended for database administrators looking for alternatives to proprietary HADR solutions for Db2 LUW, and those looking to learn more about implementing Pacemaker for high availability.

Presenter Bios:

Scott Konash is a seasoned and certified Db2 DBA for the IBM Db2 product family on both Mainframe (z/OS) and Open Systems (LUW) platforms, currently serving as the Global Practice Lead and Director for Db2 at Datavail. He began his career troubleshooting issues with the Db2 software itself within IBM and has extensive experience with critical enterprise database systems across all industries.

Shashi Ranjan is an advanced certified Db2 DBA for Open Systems (LUW) platform, currently serving as the Senior DB2 Database Administrator at Datavail. He began his career working with multiple databases, supporting Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 and having more than 10 years of experience in handling DB2 critical projects deployments and migrating on-premises databases to the cloud.


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