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Automated Insight Reports: Data Analysis Applied

Datavail White Paper

There are so many inspired advances in technology these days that it is hard to highlight any single one as ‘The Next Big Thing.’ However, from a business perspective, any opportunity to derive more value and valuable insights from your corporate data warehouses should be a top contender.

Understanding the process of how the Oracle Analytics (OA) platform processes your warehouse data into critical business intelligence (BI) lets you be confident that your data analytics investment is a sound one. It also gives you the information you need to successfully build the analytical reports your organization wants that will provide the profitable outcomes it needs.

Loading your data from your data warehouses into the Oracle Autonomous Database (OADB) opens the door to all the analytics magic offered by the OA platform.

Download the white paper to learn:

  • What the growing value of analytics is – The analytics sector continues to add nuances and capacities that enhance its already formidable services, and businesses worldwide are investing to capture those values.
  • How to embrace the data analytics process – Joining the data analytics trend involves two fundamental steps: identifying your data analytics team and loading your data into the OADB and OA platforms. Once you’ve accomplished those ends, you can generate the reports that will inform your organization’s next steps.
  • Who should make up your Analytics Team – Just as the data analytics profile is growing, so are the skill sets and expertise needed to harness its full value. Three skill sets are needed for a functioning data analysis team.
  • How to load your data into OADB – Oracle Analytics offers a variety of strategies and tools to generate virtually any report your organization needs to thrive. A five-step process moves your data into the Oracle Autonomous Database (OADB), connects it with OA, and generates the algorithms that will streamline and display your analytics processing to respond specifically to your organization’s precise queries. Each of the five steps of the process will be covered.
  • What visualization options are available in Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse (OADW) – Oracle’s ADW and Analytics programming offers a myriad of visualization options, all found through the use of three project tabs. These three project tabs will be covered.
  • How to generate your reports – Once you’ve configured your data for analysis, you can begin generating reports in response to current business concerns. The Oracle Analytics Business Intelligence Publisherprogram facilitates authoring, management, and delivery of all your reports both online and as printed documents.
  • Why Oracle Analytics and Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse? – Oracle’s Autonomous Data Warehouse and Analytics programs provide unmatched service and support for customers who fully embrace these cutting-edge opportunities.
  • How Datavail can Help – Datavail has over 17 years of experience with Oracle products as an Oracle Partner, including Oracle Analytics. Our professionals help our clients obtain maximum results from their Oracle environments, whether they’re managing data warehouses, monitoring supply chain logistics programming, or generating reliable proprietary reports that leadership can use to make any business decision.

Datavail’s data engineers, scientists, and analysts are experienced in both the loading and implementation of corporate analytic programming, so they can set up your data warehouse to provide the precise environment you need to glean the information you want. Contact us today to launch your Oracle Analytics adventure.

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