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Category: MySQL

What Are Graph Databases?

Graph databases prioritize the relationships between data points, making them useful for recommendation engines, shopping sites, online dating sites, and other “matching” applications.

Esayas Aloto | December 15, 2015

Database Clustering Options

Database clustering as a concept has become more complicated with the advent of high-volume database operations. Let’s explore some options.

Charleste King | December 9, 2015

The Allure of MySQL Cluster

MySQL Cluster is an attractive way to connect servers offering users high availability, redundancy, no downtime, and numerous other benefits.

Charleste King | December 8, 2015

DevOps 2015 Trip Report

DevOps should be part of your IT strategy, part of what you are investing in, and it should be part of the capabilities your organization is developing.

Scott Frock | November 23, 2015

4 Top Trends in Database Management

Trends come and go, but many new concepts for database management are not flavor-of-the-month fads but have staying power, as well as the power to transform organizations.

Patrick Gates | June 9, 2014

InnoDB Conversion to File Per Table

Your MySQL database was working well, humming along nicely, but quite suddenly performance went south, especially during periods of heavy usage. Maybe you’re seeing deadlocks, or it’s just incredibly slow. If your MySQL database is using InnoDB there is a good chance you need to change your InnoDB storage.

Charleste King | April 23, 2012

RPM “multiple packages” oddity, fixed

I deal with all shipes and sizes, and distributions, of Linux. Each Linux distribution has quirks. Particularly with package management.

Patrick Galbraith | October 31, 2011

Life made easier: Facebook’s Online Schema Change for MySQL

So often, you have a task where you need to perform an alteration of a huge table while not wanting to affect the operation of your website.

Patrick Galbraith | July 27, 2011

MySQL Editions and Support- what do I get with community?

The new licensing that was announced by Oracle earlier this month caused some FUD in the community that was addressed last week in an updated graphic comparing support and binary options.

Sarah Novotny | November 22, 2010