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Category: Database Administration

Open-Source and DataStax Cassandra Versions: A Comprehensive Guide

Explore the relationship between the open-source Apache Cassandra project and DataStax, as well as the features offered in both ecosystems, in this guide.

Satish Rakhonde | November 8, 2023

All the Exciting Database Announcements from Oracle CloudWorld 2023

Get all the details on the exciting database announcements from Oracle CloudWorld 2023, including the Oracle Database@Azure service, Oracle 23c GA, and more!

Zane Warton | October 25, 2023

PGConf NYC 2023 Event Recap

Miss out on PGConf NYC 2023? Follow along with Datavail’s adventures at this PostgreSQL conference.

Shailesh Rangani | October 18, 2023

Upgrading from Oracle 11g to 19c: What You Need to Know

Learn about the importance of upgrading from Oracle 11g to 19c, and prepare for a successful upgrade from an experienced Oracle Partner.

Zane Warton | October 11, 2023

Upgrading Before Database End of Support: Oracle 12c to 19c Guide

Get the latest information on Oracle 12c end of life and learn how to upgrade to 19c with these database upgrade tips and considerations.

Zane Warton | October 5, 2023

Upgrading Oracle 18c to 19c: Seamless Path to Stability

Get the lowdown on upgrading from Oracle 18c to 19c, including what benefits it brings and the steps necessary for a successful transition.

Zane Warton | October 3, 2023

Your Database is End of Life – Now What?

Get an understanding of what database end of life is, end of life dates, the challenges it brings, and best practices for successful upgrades.

Eric Russo | September 27, 2023

What Happens When an Oracle Database Version Reaches End of Life?

Learn the end of life date for four Oracle Database versions, what happens when you don’t upgrade, and the consequences of using an outdated version.

Zane Warton | September 13, 2023

Addressing the End of Life Period for SQL Server 2012: Upgrade Options

Discover the key considerations for upgrading from SQL Server 2012 and learn how to create a comprehensive migration plan to ensure a smooth database transition.

JP Chen | August 29, 2023