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Fixing Critical Database Outages By Moving to the Oracle Cloud

Author: David Silverstrim | | March 24, 2021

Experiencing serious availability issues with your Oracle databases? You’re not alone—but the good news is that help is available. One of our recent clients had exactly these problems before reaching out to us for an Oracle EPM cloud migration.

Datavail’s client is a global safety company that operates in 20 different countries around the world, servicing industries from aerospace and transportation to petrochemicals and mining. The client had two major reasons for working with Datavail:

  • First, the client was using Oracle Hyperion EPM, which 11.1.x is scheduled to reach its end of support (EOS) date in December 2021. Past this date, Oracle customers will fall out of compliance, and miss out on valuable new features and functionality.
  • Second, the client was suffering critical database outages at extremely inopportune times. In one particularly severe case, the client’s database went down for 72 hours at the start of a financial close period, depriving them of essential information.

As a result of these outage issues, the client knew that the time had come to migrate from on-premises to the Oracle EPM cloud. In particular, the fact that support and maintenance obligations would no longer be their responsibility sealed the deal for the client.

Datavail first helped the client put out its fires by getting the Hyperion system back online, and then worked with the client on a two-part migration that included both Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close (FCCS) and EPM Cloud Planning (PBCS). First, Datavail completed the FCCS migration, and then ensured that the PBCS group could leverage the FCCS structure and data. Beyond the migration itself, Datavail also helped the client handle some historical data validation issues, automate its data loads and backup processes, clean up and streamline their datasets, and get rid of unused parts of their Hyperion Planning application.

Thanks to the project’s success, the client has retained Datavail as their choice of Oracle managed services partner. The benefits that the client has seen from this collaboration with Datavail include:

  • Dramatically improving load times by removing as much mapping code as possible from the data load process.
  • Automating the process of loading ledgers in Microsoft Excel, saving hours of manual work for high-level employees.
  • Streamlining parallel direct data loads into FCCS and Planning, shortening a task that once took hours into just minutes.
  • Enabling quick changes to Hyperion Planning (e.g. adding new users) by moving to the cloud, instead of requiring a slow, tedious database refresh.

Looking to enact your own Oracle cloud migration? Datavail is an Oracle Platinum Partner with 17 different specializations, and we’ve helped more than 150 clients successfully migrate to the cloud. To learn more about how we helped this client, check out our case study Industrial Safety Company Stops Outages by Moving to Oracle EPM Cloud. You can also learn more about the impending Hyperion deadline by downloading our white paper It’s the Eleventh Hour for Hyperion Here’s What to Do.

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