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Datavail is... The Largest Remote DBA Services Company In North America
  • The leader in remote database administration services:
    More than 400 DBAs & growing
  • Covering all major databases
  • 24x7x365
Over 700,000
DBA hours delivered
Over 50,000
Databases Monitored
built for the enterprise
  • ITIL & Tiered Delivery
  • Service Management & Governance
  • Onshore & Offshore
  • Security & Compliance
    • SSAE 16 Type 2 (formerly SAS 70 Type 2)
    • ISO 27001 Security Compliance
    • BAA & Attestations
easy to do business with
  • No long-term contracts
  • Easy to ramp services up or down
  • Flexible offerings
Managed Services
Augment Your Team
Production Support
2nd & 3rd Shift
Fractional Resources
Complete Solution
24 x 7
Dedicated Resources
Tier 3 & Above
Insurance Policy
10 Ways to Use Datavail
Datavail serves the needs of more than 300 clients. Our solutions can be customized to solve any client database challenge or problem.
Here are 10 of the most common ways our clients use Datavail.

white paper Read Our White Paper:
Top Trends in Database Management

Fill in gaps and lighten DBA loads
Improve business results, decrease attrition, gain 24x7 coverage
Improve DBA productivity & stop late night calls
Contain costs while gaining 24x7 coverage
Avoid increasing staff for a complex environment
Contain costs while gaining 24x7 coverage
Improve your environment and meet your business deadlines
Get a DBA focused on you or build your dedicated offshore team
Gain access to the highest level of technical talent when you need it
Cover a small environment without a full-time hire
  • Your DBAs are strong but need monthly operational support
  • Use remote DBA services from Datavail to add capacity
  • We improve the quality of life of your DBAs &
    enable them to add more value
  • Business results improve & costs are contained
  • Projects are piling up
  • Your application teams need more DBA time
  • Your DBAs are consumed with Tier 2 production work
  • Use remote database administration from Datavail to handle production support
  • Your DBAs deliver more value
  • DBA retention & morale improves
  • Your DBA team isn’t large enough to be structured
    across a 24×7 shift schedule
  • Escalations cause late night calls, leading to turnover
  • Use remote database administration from Datavail to cover the late shifts and relieve your DBAs
  • Higher DBA productivity, work quality and job satisfaction
  • You need more DBAs for coverage or
    to expand capabilities
  • You can’t make a new hire &
    1 person won’t solve your problem
  • 20 hours per week of remote DBA services,
    spread across a 24×7 shift schedule
  • Costs contained by avoiding a full time hire
  • 24×7 coverage & stress relief in your DBAs
  • Cost pressures are mounting
  • High attrition in your DBA team
  • You can’t find the talent you need
  • A new environment requires support you don’t have
  • Implementation of multi-tiered 24×7 coverage
  • Avoid having to staff up for a complex environment
  • Manage costs and receive more value
  • Workload doesn’t justify building it in-house
  • You need it but at an affordable cost
  • Leverage Datavail’s 24×7 onshore/offshore delivery model
  • Use Datavail for production support
  • Let your DBAs focus on higher value work
  • Cut costs, improve quality, and gain flexibility
  • Daily requirements consume your DBAs &
    they can’t get to important projects
  • You need a health check, performance improvement,
    support for an application roll-out
  • Project services from Datavail
  • Environment improves & deadlines are met
  • You need an additional DBA for a short or long term need
  • Dedicated resources, onshore or offshore,
    for the duration of time you require
  • Flexible contract terms & faster ramp-up
  • You get a dedicated DBA who can escalate into Datavail
    to help solve complex problems
  • You need more senior level skill sets
  • The skills needed are too broad to be covered by a single DBA
  • Engineering & architecture talent you need,
    when you need it
  • Datavail serves as an escalation path for your team
  • Reduce cost by avoiding multiple hires for broad requirements
  • A small environment needs support outside
    your time availability or skill sets
  • Monitoring of your environment
  • P1 support with a response time SLA
  • Get the help you need, when you need it, and avoid cost
  • Ensure stability on a small environment
Microsoft SQL Server
Oracle EBS
Database Practices Delivering 24x7 Expertise
Datavail provides comprehensive & technically advanced remote database administration services in each of our core database practices. Each practice delivers solutions that leverage our multi-tiered, ITIL delivery model with onshore and offshore capabilities.
Universal Database Management Tasks
For a deeper look into the technical depth on any of Datavail’s practices select the database that interests you to the left.
Microsoft SQL Server
Oracle EBS
Complete, technically deep, operationally sound SQL Server support.
Datavail provides deep technical support
and development on all components of SQL Server
  • Replication (Transactional, Merge & Peer to Peer)
  • SQL Server in a Windows Cluster
  • Reporting Services Support
  • Analysis Services Maintenance: Maintain cubes or dimensions
  • SQL Server Integration Service (SSIS)
  • Database Mirroring
  • Query Tuning including T-SQL
  • SQL Server Always On
  • Index strategies
  • Backup Tuning
  • Table Partitioning
  • Security: Analysis & Mitigation of superfluous users
  • Service Pack and CUP Installation
  • Best Practices: Health Checks & Tuning of Parameters
  • Service Broker: Ensure optimal settings
  • Migrate Database Platforms
    • Move databases
    • Oracle & MySQL to SQL Server
    • ETL to SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
    • Reporting Tools to SQL Server
    • Reporting Services
  • SSIS – SQL Server Integration Services
    • Upgrade from DTS to SSIS
    • Code rewrites
    • New package creation
    • ETL for Datawarehouse loads
    • Tune existing packages
  • SSAS – SQL Server Analysis Services
    • Upgrade old cubes
      to the latest version of SQL.
    • Create cubes to satisfy
      specific business needs
    • Analyze large amounts of data to find trends.
    • Evaluation of existing Cubes/DataWarehouse
    • Enhance functionality of cubes by consolidating and using MDX to execute functions
    • New reports from SSAS/MDX
  • SSRS – SQL Server Reporting Services
    • Convert from other reporting tools to SSRS
    • Create new reports
    • Integration into SSAS
    • Improve current reports
  • Data Partitioning
    • Create new partitions
    • Architect data management strategy
    • Maintain current partitions
    • Data archival
  • Performance Tuning
    • Index tuning and creation
    • T-SQL improvements
    • Review & optimize stored procedures
    • Create new code
  • OS Scripting
    • Batch & PowerShell
    • Biztalk to SSIS Migration
    • Convert Biztalk code in SSIS
Complete, technically deep, operationally sound Oracle support.
  • Performance Tuning
    • Instance Tuning to ensure database is setup & running properly
    • Query Tuning ensuring sql statements are running with optimal execution plans
  • Health Checks
    • Review Oracle data dictionary on 39 items for compliance against best practices,
      performance markers, etc.
  • Ensure environments are installed consistently
    • Oracle Home (follows OFA), version, patches, filesystems or disk groups
  • Data Management
    • Purging data
    • Partitioning data
    • Data Retention
  • Data Modeling
  • Defining Database Standards
    • Oracle software install
    • Database creation
    • Picking the right character set
  • Database upgrades
    • Strategy & Planning
    • Execution
    • Alternatives to minimize downtime
Complete, technically deep, operationally sound Oracle EBS support.
Datavail provides deep technical support on all components of EBS including:
  • Database Cloning
  • Oracle SR Management
  • Multi Org Support
  • Form Personalization
  • ‘Ad’ Utilities
  • Patch Application
  • Data Archival & Purging
  • Code Release and Migration
  • Monitor Concurrent Manager
  • Performance Tuning
  • Month/Period End Support
Datavail provides deep technical support on all components of EBS including:
  • Upgrade from 9i/10g to 11gR2
  • Platform migration to Linux (from LONG to SHORT Endian format) using data pump and transportable tables
  • OID/Single Sign-On 10g setup and integration with Oracle Apps 11i/R12
  • Applications upgrade from 11i to R12
  • OAM/AccessGate integration with R12
  • Setting up SSL and load balancer in front of OAM
  • Registering Oracle databases with OID
  • Setting up OID external authentication plug-in with Microsoft AD as well as Kerberos
  • Upgrading Oracle forms and Oracle Application server to latest patch sets in EBS environment
  • Oracle EBS security setup for SOX compliance/auditing
  • Reviewing and applying quarterly CPU patches to Oracle EBS environments
  • Oracle Database and Oracle Applications R12 clones/patching and migrations
Datavail provides deep technical support on all components of EBS including:
  • Install Oracle Grid control setup and monitoring template setup to suppress noise and false alarms
  • Oracle DR standby database setup using DataGuard and DG broker
  • Oracle Apps Tier DR setups
  • Setting up RMAN backups and testing recovery
  • Database character set conversion
  • Oracle RAC setup using ASM
  • Oracle 24×7 monitoring setup
  • Code migrations following company standard RFC and other change processes.
  • General troubleshooting/Directly working with user/tracing/working with Oracle support/SR
  • Oracle Applications DMZ/Internet setup for external access
  • Oracle Application Express APEX installs and upgrade. Install and upgrade APEX listener from 1.x to 2.x
Complete, technically deep, operationally sound MySQL support.
  • MySQL Replication Topologies
    • M-S, M-M, Chained Replication, Limited Circular Replication
    • Implement, monitor & maintain replication
  • MySQL Server in a Heterogeneous Environment
    • Configure, monitor & maintain MySQL in LAMP, WAMP & Unix
    • Implementing distributions of MySQL using Oracle MySQL, Percona MySQL, Maria DB etc.
    • Manage MySQL servers in Physical, Virtual & Cloud Environment
  • MySQL Workbench Utilities and Percona Toolkit
  • MySQL Monitoring & Trending
    • Use Enterprise Solutions like MEM, Monyog
    • Opensouce Technologies like Nagios, Xymon, custom scripts, etc.
    • Cacti, Ganglia, etc. for Trending
  • Database HA and Scalability Solutions
    • Analysis & recommendation
    • Implement mirroring using DRBD/Heartbeat
    • MySQL NDB Cluster solutions
    • Multi Master Mananger
    • NoSQL solutions like MongoDB
    • In memory object cache solution: Memcached
    • Other Opensource Technology solutions
  • Database Tuning
    • Optimal database design strategies
    • Tune code when requested
    • Recommend changes to SQL when opportunities exist
    • Using performance schema
  • Index Strategies
    • Maintain existing indexes
    • Create new indexes where necessary
    • Recommend best indexing strategies
    • Sphinx Full text indexing
  • Backup Tuning
    • Optimal database design strategies
    • Tune code when requested
    • Recommend changes to SQL when opportunities exist
    • Using performance schema
  • Table Partitioning
    • Manage existing table partitions
    • Recommend & create partitioning strategies
    • Enable automatic partition rotating & management
  • Security Analysis
    • Perform and analysis of current security policy
    • Work with customer to mitigate any superfluous users
    • Perform database auditing
    • Integrate MySQL using PAM
    • MySQL Replication over SSL
  • Package Upgrades
    • Discover the version changes & bug fixes needed for the current installed version
    • Upgrade to patched and major version releases
  • Best Practices
    • Run Health Checks to discover deficiencies in best practices
    • Tuning MySQL based on trending and analysis
    • Reviewing MySQL configuration & status variables
    • Adjust settings and parameters to meet standards
    • Following the standard best practices for Installation and configuration
Complete, technically deep, operationally sound DB2 support.
Supporting DB2 z/OS & LUW:
  • Maintaining & optimizing on the mainframe or on a distributed platform
    • DB2 software
    • DB2 applications
    • DB2 databases
  • Performance Tuning
  • Monitoring and calibrating
    both static and dynamic SQL
  • Managing and tuning DB2 specific software
  • Addressing data migration and rebinding issues resulting from scheduled enhancements and version upgrades
  • Supporting legacy DB2 applications as well as new development efforts
  • Managing the DB2 utilities
  • Maintaining data sharing and
    high availability features of DB2
Complete, technically deep, operationally sound MongoDB support.
  • Administering Replication
    • Setting up and Configuring Replication
    • Add/Change Replication Set Members
    • Manually Re-synching of Replication Sets
    • Restoring
    • Building/Removing Indexes on Replication Sets
  • Sharding
    • Capacity Planning
    • Adding/Removing Shards
    • Configure Sharding Keys
    • Review Data Distribution
    • Adding/Removing Configuration Servers
  • Monitoring
    • Replication Slave Lag
    • Sharding Data Distribution
    • Network Usage (connections and data migration between shards or replica sets)
    • Data Balance (Shard)
    • Chunk Sizes (Shard)
    • Memory Usage
    • Page Faults
    • IO
    • CPU
Complete, technically deep, operationally sound SharePoint support.
  • Installation & Configuration
    • Standalone Installation
    • Farm Installation
    • Configuration of Features
      (Search, BDC, BCS, etc.)
  • Development & Customization
    • No Code Solutions
    • Branding
    • Custom Solutions
  • Monitoring
    • Datavail Delta for
      SharePoint databases
    • Health Checks & Health Analyzer
  • Performance & Maintenance
    • Test and Implement
      Patching & Bug Fixes
    • Releases & Upgrades
    • Capacity Planning
  • Security & Governance
    • User Management
    • Server Security
    • Branding & Template
    • Content Lifecycle
  • Reporting
    • Health & Usage Reports
    • BI Reports
  • High Availability & Disaster Recovery
    • Architecture with Redundancy
    • SQL AlwaysOn
    • Disaster Recovery Strategies
  • User Support
    • User Adoption Training
    • Knowledge Base
    • Office Apps and Metadata Solutions


ITIL Process & Tiered Delivery
Onshore & Offshore
Onsite & Offsite
Lead DBA & Service Management
24 x 7 & Delivery Teams
Database Practices
Monitoring & Ticketing
Scope & Service Levels
Datavail’s Solution Building Blocks

Datavail has the most comprehensive & flexible set of remote DBA services in the industry.

To help you better understand the components of a potential solution we have developed our eight core solution building blocks.

Select the building blocks and read more about how and why Datavail is the preferred choice for enterprise-level database services.


Datavail delivers the full complement of ITIL-based processes, with specific focus on three key components:

Incident Management
Problem Management
Change Management
Tiered Delivery

Datavail’s delivery model enables execution of tasks at the right level, resulting in faster & more cost effective resolution.

Tier 3: Architecture & Engineering
Tier 2: Operational DBA
Tier 1: Service Desk

Nine offices in the USA: Denver, Seattle, New York City, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta & Omaha.

Over 100 DBAs in the USA
US based lead DBA for every client
100% US solutions can be delivered

Datavail has solved the issues that might concern you about offshore delivery.

Over 250 DBAs in India
Attrition rate of <1.5% per quarter
Awarded The Best Database Company in India

Datavail serves customers in every market in the U.S. and we likely have a DBA near you.

Present in every major market in the U.S.
Our DBAs can be delivered to your location
We aren’t just remote – we are also onsite

Like our customers, Datavail has a distributed workforce.

More than 350 DBAs
Highly effective remote database services
24 x 7, Secure, Efficient, Affordable
Lead DBA

Datavail’s delivery assigns a senior Tier 3 U.S.-based Lead DBA to lead every customer engagement.

Integrates into your team
Consistency & seamless communication
Leads Datavail’s Tier 2 teams assigned to you
Service Manager

Datavail’s delivery model conforms to ITIL best practices and assigns you a Service Delivery Manager (SDM).

Handles critical but non-technical deliverables
Manages communication & reporting
Manages continuous improvement

Datavail always has DBAs working – 24x7x365. It is included in every managed services solution we deliver.

We can take 20 hours per week & deliver 24×7
No additional costs or fees for 24×7
A real managed service
Delivery Teams

Datavail has more than 350 DBAs, and we are growing. We manage that scale by structuring the operation into Practices and teams.

Each Practice has teams of ~25 DBAs
Customers receive named DBAs in a team
Teams enable handling of fluctuating load
Datavail is structured into six Database Practices
A practice is a community of DBAs in each technology
Every Practice is led by a Global Practice leader
Practices are self contained with all tiers of delivery

24×7 database monitoring via top-tier tools and Datavail Delta, our cloud-based monitoring application currently installed on thousands of servers.

24×7 database monitoring for every customer
Automatic alert to ticket generation
Thousands of custom scripts to add value

Datavail has implemented Service Now™, a world class ITSM platform. With Service Now, Datavail has enormous flexibility in designing work flow, escalation paths & processes.

Datavail uses the Service Now platform
Highly flexible platform
Reliable & effective system integration

Datavail establishes the scope of our managed services across a set of flexible options, designed around what is right for you.

Fixed monthly fee includes full set of services
Level of effort and other solution options
Able to handle fluctuating load
Service Levels

Datavail uses industry best practices and delivers world class Service Levels well in excess of most other providers in the market.

Service levels structured across all tiers
Ability to create customized service levels
Average response time on P1s = 7.5 minutes
Our Delivery Model – Unique and Powerful
TIER 3 • Lead DBA US

Your Lead DBA is a US-based Tier 3 level DBA with 10+ years experience

  • Technical expert on your environment
  • Integrated into your team
  • Provides oversight, consulting, direction
  • Escalation point from other Datavail DBAs
TIER 3 • Offshore delivery operation

Our offshore Tier 3 team delivers in-room, in time zone senior skills

  • Provides stability & quality
  • Matches the technical skill level of our US-based Lead DBAs
  • Enables 24×7 Tier 3 coverage from the most senior level DBAs
TIER 2 • Offshore delivery operation

Tier 2, or Operational DBA, is the core of all DBA work.

  • Full 24×7 3-shift model
  • Executes on incidents & service requests
  • 5+ year experienced DBAs with a powerful economic benefit
TIER 1 • Offshore delivery operation

The Tier 1 layer, or service desk layer.

  • Staffed with DBAs
  • Delivers ticket triage and execution of basic DBA tasks
Offshore delivery operation

Datavail’s off shore delivery operation is the most sophisticated delivery model in the industry

  • Combines talented DBAs with efficient operational processes
  • Operations leaders, shift managers & quality control personnel review tickets
  • Multi-tiered delivery
  • Technical & nontechnical training
  • Service management
  • Many more areas of investment work together to create a reliable, high-quality database delivery operation
A Learning Organization Educates Down
And Escalates Up

Datavail has created a learning organization:

  • Higher tiers teach the lower tiers (educate)
  • Lower tiers reach into higher tiers to help solve problems (escalate)

By implementing this learning approach:

  • DBAs in the lower tiers become more knowledgeable over time
  • DBAs have upward mobility & a clear career path
  • We retain talent & build deeper knowledge about your environment
One Global Service Management Team
Your Service Delivery Manager focuses on the critical, non-technical aspects of delivery.
At Datavail your SDM coordinates:

  • Regular reporting of activities
  • Quarterly business reviews
  • Other governance and communication tasks

Your US SDM is assisted by our offshore SDM team to create a global approach to service management & quality assurance.

One Global Tier 3 Team

Datavail has created a global Tier 3 team

  • Staffed in a 1-DBA-to-1 ratio between our US Lead DBAs & our India Tier 3 DBAs
  • Ensures a close-knit relationship between senior level resources
  • Our offshore Tier 3 DBAs match their US counterparts in technical skills
  • Enables tightness of communication & clear understanding of processes
A US Only Delivery Model

Leverage off shore for monitoring & escalation only:
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