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Your Journey to the Cloud: What You Need to Know

Datavail White Paper
Twenty years ago, cloud computing was cutting-edge technology—but it’s now a well-established IT best practice for businesses of all sizes and industries. The potential advantages of the cloud include lower costs, better security, higher scalability, greater agility and easier disaster recovery.

While it’s not hard to name the benefits of moving to the cloud, actually carrying out this cloud migration is easier said than done. Many companies are still in the early stages of planning their move.

Another complicating element is the fact that no two cloud migrations are alike. Traditionally, many businesses have chosen a “lift and shift” migration strategy that simply rehosts existing applications in the cloud. However, this approach is increasingly seen as inadequate to take advantage of cloud computing’s full range of benefits.

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  • The Evolution of the Cloud – Since the late 1990s, public cloud services have dramatically evolved: from a rough first concept to one of the most valuable markets in history.
  • Moving to the Cloud: When and Why? – The potential for the cloud to digitally transform organizations is nearly limitless. While many companies have already made the leap, however, others are just getting started.
  • The Benefits of Cloud Migration – Each company has its own incentives for wanting to move to the cloud—which makes sense because there are so many possible reasons to do so. Several key advantages that organizations might seek from cloud computing are detailed.
  • What Going Beyond “Lift and Shift” Means, and the Main Strategies for Cloud Migration – Strategies for moving to the cloud often follow what are known as the “Six Rs”: six different possibilities to reshape your IT environment in the face of cloud computing. Businesses may select any or all of these techniques during their cloud migration.
  • Finding the Right Cloud Migration Partner – Whether you choose rehosting, replatforming, refactoring or repurchasing—or some combination of them all—it’s a smart idea to work with a dedicated cloud migration partner.
    • As cloud migration trends change, selecting the wrong migration partner can be a fatal error. Some partners may only prefer to do a certain kind of project and can steer you in the wrong direction. Others may be willing to work with you, but lack the skills and ability to pull off what you need.
  • How Datavail Can Help With Your Cloud Migration – Datavail is an IT professional services provider that offers both IT managed services and project services, spanning the cloud, on-premises and hybrid environments.
    • Looking for assistance with your own cloud migration? Datavail has helped hundreds of clients move their IT environments to the cloud. Our list of cloud migration services includes:
      • Performing a cloud readiness assessment and a total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis.
      • Creating a cloud migration roadmap and strategy.
      • Application development and migration, including architecture, design and software upgrades.
      • Complex cloud migrations with minimal downtime.
      • Cloud data analytics, including data integration/ETL, data warehouses, reporting and dashboards.

If you’re thinking about or starting your migration to the cloud, Datavail is here to assist. By joining forces with Datavail, you’ll have the knowledge and experience you need to make your journey to the cloud a success.

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