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Test and Balance Payroll Comparison with PayMatch

Datavail Webinar

At Reconnect 2023, our Regional Director, Greg Rowell, presented a detailed demo of PayMatch®, showcasing its capabilities and efficiencies in payroll processing and automation. This session was a deep dive into how PayMatch®, a Datavail innovation, transforms payroll operations for organizations using Oracle PeopleSoft. With its proven process for balancing and automating payroll testing, PayMatch® not only reduces the time spent by payroll staff but significantly decreases the risk of errors.

Greg’s demonstration highlighted the tool’s comprehensive features, including its ability to handle tax updates, benefits changes, and other organizational adjustments within PeopleSoft. As an Oracle Validated Integration, PayMatch® stands out for its seamless integration and effectiveness, illustrating Datavail’s commitment to delivering top-tier solutions tailored to our client’s needs.

This session highlighted the most popular uses of PayMatch®:

  1. Reasonable Test: Used every pay period to identify significant differences between prior and current payrolls.
  2. Salary Adjustments: Essential during annual review processes to ensure that budgeted salary changes are accurately reflected in the new payroll.
  3. Upgrades/Updates: PayMatch® is instrumental in verifying that any upgrades or updates do not negatively impact payroll processing.
  4. Tax Updates (PUM): Used to test and confirm the expected changes resulting from tax updates.

Download our detailed solution overview for PayMatch here.

Watch The Webinar Here

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