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Sprint Teams as a Service: Where Pay-Per-Use Really Pays Off

Datavail White Paper

As good as they are, today’s most popular cloud computing models (‘Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS),’ ‘Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS),’ or ‘Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)’) can’t solve two of the thorniest challenges that now and will continue to plague every enterprise: application development and management (ADM).

While each of those models offers its own constellation of exemplary products and services, none is dedicated solely to the development, deployment, or management of the proprietary applications that make every organization unique. Yet, at the same time, most companies can’t do that ADM work in-house due to insufficient funding, an absence of strategy, and a lack of skilled talent.

What these companies need, consequently, is an outsourced ADM resource that can get the app development work done at a reasonable cost and then ensure ongoing app management services to protect that investment. What they need is:

  • an ADM ‘Sprint Team’ to develop the function, and
  • an app development and management support team to deliver affordable app management ‘as-a-service.’

They need Datavail’s ‘Sprint-Team-as-a-Service’ or STaaS.

Download this white paper to learn more about how Sprint Teams as a Service (STaaS) can help your organization achieve its application goals, and why it is so important.

  • The Demand for ADM Services Continues to Grow – The need for comprehensive, cutting-edge application development services continues to grow as the COVID-19 pandemic remakes the global digital economy.
  • Datavail Innovates the STaaS For ADM – Datavail is a globally recognized leader in designing, deploying, and managing cutting-edge cloud services packages. In response to customer requests and embracing the ‘as-a-service’ model, the company devised its ‘Sprint Team-as-a-Service’ (STaaS) product in 2018 to ensure its clients received the application development and management ‘best practices’ they deserve and need at a price they can afford.
  • Demand for AppDev Services Grows – There couldn’t be a better time for having an AppDev team available at a moment’s notice, either. The current global economy presents a myriad of IT hurdles that are capable of derailing any technology project:
  • The Benefits of STaaS and AppDev Resources Grow – In addition to avoiding market and consumer risks, the STaaS and its AppDev component also offer several benefits to enhance the performance of every enterprise:
  • A STaaS Case Study – Learn why this professional sports team approached Datavail with a number of concerns that were impacting the financial management of the franchise, and how Datavail’s Sprint Teams as a Service provided assistance for the organization for the team to reach their goals.
  • Datavail’s Sprint Team as a Service Offering Helps Organizations – With STaaS, organizations get the exact service they need to build and maintain their applications at all times: A dedicated, fully-staffed, sprint team that comes in on demand to reprogram current technology and respond to new demands.
    • Improve Functionality – Identify issues and priorities in the initial assessment with our team of experts.
    • Choose the Services as Needed – We’ll help identify how to improve your current applications or we can develop new applications for future growth.
    • Develop a Prospective Schedule – Sprint Teams are dispatched on an interval basis to address stated needs but can change gears on the fly for emerging demands and situations.
    • Add Teams as Needed – Datavail’s Sprint Teams have the flexibility to scale up your development team without losing momentum on the original process.
    • Maintain Company Budget – With STaaS, you pay as you go so there’s no need for a budget-busting capital investment in a whole-system overhaul project.
  • How Datavail Can Help You – Datavail’s Sprint-Team-as-a-Service saves its customers time and money getting new corporate functions online while also enhancing their corporate productivity and competitiveness. Flexible, timely, and affordable, the STaaS asset offers every company the highest level of technological expertise to address its concerns and move it toward its corporate goals. Contact us today to learn more.

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