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Polish Your App Portfolio's Productivity with DevOps Services

Datavail White Paper

Companies that do any part of their business using applications, which is most companies if not all, require those apps to function correctly all the time. When they don’t, the consequences can disrupt operations, irritate customers, and even kill the company altogether. The reality is that many in-house IT teams don’t have the full scope of tools, skills, or experience needed to manage today’s highly sophisticated and ever-changing app environment. And building such a team is also often beyond the budget.

Instead, organizations looking to tune and enhance their app portfolio’s productivity should consider engaging the services of one of Datavail’s specialized ‘DevOps’ teams. These masters of application development and optimization take on the work of maintaining the function and flow of the corporate app arena, relieving in-house teams of these duties and freeing them to focus on more critical company objectives.

Download this white paper to learn more about the importance of DevOps including:

  • Making sure to avoid app catastrophes such as these examples – Prioritizing budget items is a complex process requiring the balancing of asset optimization and budget constraint. Sometimes, the consequence of those decisions can be devastating to corporate fortunes when systems fail because of a lack of investment in managing critical enterprise applications.
  • What exactly is ‘DevOps’? – Maintaining a well-skilled in-house app development and management team is a struggle, even for global-sized companies. Understanding what the DevOps service offers underscores its value.
  • What are the four main goals of DevOps, and what are they trying to achieve? – Some experts parse DevOps goals into four types: culture, automation, measurement, and sharing.
  • What are the various categories and types of DevOps tools and technologies, what are they for and what do they do? – DevOps professionals must be masters of various cloud-based tools that facilitate achieving the project’s goals through the development, testing, implementation, and management of the finished function.
  • In-house or Outsource DevOps? – Should your organization invest in an in-house DevOps team or outsource the activity to a DevOps services provider like Datavail? There are plusses and minuses to both; your decision will rest on which option’s pros outweigh which option’s cons for you.
  • Datavail’s DevOps for Development – Datavail offers our customers a comprehensive slate of DevOps options using tools that comply with all the major cloud services providers, including Oracle Cloud, AWS, Microsoft Azure, and other “Best-of-Breed” technologies.
  • Datavail’s DevOps Managed Services – It’s no longer sufficient to launch a well-designed app without also following it up with well-designed support and service. Datavail also provides clients with DevOps managed services to ensure their apps retain optimal performance and remain cutting-edge over time.
  • Additionally, provide 24/7/365 support, monitoring, and application management.
  • Datavail’s expert team of DevOps professionals can provide your enterprise with all the DevOps app development and managed services it needs to not just survive past the COVID pandemic but thrive in the updated, modernized digital complex that it has created. Contact us today to explore more about our DevOps chops and what we can do to ensure your enterprise thrives well into the future.

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