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Planning IT Staffing During the Great Resignation

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Explore Multiple Strategies for Filling IT Roles, Keeping Your Current Team Happy, and Addressing Skill Gaps

The Great Resignation is the period of record-high resignation numbers in the United States throughout 2021. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 4.5 million employees across all industries quit their jobs in November 2021, leading to a quit rate of 3 percent in just one month. This continues the quit rate trend that began in April 2021.

72% of tech employees in the U.S. are considering quitting their job in the next 12 months, causing IT staffing chaos as organizations try to backfill positions, bring in new talent, and keep their current employees happy.

Why is the Great Resignation Happening?

The Great Resignation is attributed to many factors, from long-standing employment issues to new concerns brought to light by the pandemic. Everything from a lack of disconnect time to pandemic-related stress has played a role in creating the current IT staffing environment.

This massive resignation wave is occurring alongside a substantial increase in demand for IT workers of all types. Many organizations across all industries found themselves in a position where they needed to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives during the pandemic to support suddenly remote workforces.

How Can You Meet IT Staffing Goals During the Great Resignation?

Reaching your IT staffing goals for your organization while retaining your current tech workforce requires a deep understanding of the Great Resignation. The pre-pandemic IT staffing strategies often fall short in this rapidly changing job market.

Plan Your Great Resignation IT Staffing Strategy

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  • How you can adapt to this increasingly competitive IT hiring landscape
  • What IT workers really want out of their jobs and careers
  • Actionable strategies for addressing IT staffing challenges during the Great Resignation


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