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Journey to Cloud Analytics: Using the Cloud to Solve Your Analytics Challenges

Datavail White Paper

Businesses need access to robust, real-time business intelligence (BI) and analytics. With on-premises analytics workflows showing their age, organizations are increasingly looking to migrate their BI and analytics capabilities to the cloud. The advantages of cloud analytics include a richer array of features and functionality, greater flexibility and scalability, and lower costs.

Although for many businesses the ultimate goal of moving to the cloud is clear, the intermediate steps before getting there may not be. So how will running your analytics in the cloud be different from on-premises—and what should companies know before starting their journey to cloud analytics?

In this white paper, we’ll provide a comprehensive overview of the field of cloud analytics. We’ll discuss everything from the definition of cloud analytics to the features and benefits of the cloud—so that you can be fully informed before starting off on your journey.

Download this white paper to learn more about:

  • What is Cloud Analytics? – Analytics involves businesses treating their data as a strategic asset, and then using it to help drive their operations.
  • How are Companies Investing in Cloud Analytics? – In 2019, market intelligence firm IDC predicted that cloud analytics would see a blistering 32 percent annual growth rate over the next several years, increasing from roughly $7 billion in 2018 to over $12 billion in 2022.
  • Why Use the Cloud for Analytics? – A growing number of businesses are realizing the potential of cloud computing as a driver for analytics innovation.
  • 6 Features That Companies Want from Cloud Analytics – What are companies hoping to achieve by moving analytics from on-premises to the cloud?
  • The Benefits (and Challenges) of Investing in Cloud Analytics – To achieve a large number of benefits, cloud analytics users will need to overcome a number of potential challenges.
  • How Datavail Can Help with Cloud Analytics – Migrating your on-premises analytics workflows into the cloud can be a lengthy task with pitfalls along the way—but most businesses who take the leap find that the benefits are well worth the effort. If you’re looking for some help and guidance, consider joining forces with a knowledgeable, experienced data and analytics partner like Datavail.
    • Over the years, Datavail has provided a rich suite of data management, database, analytics, business intelligence, and application development services to thousands of clients. Our list of certifications includes:
      • Microsoft Gold Partner (with 17+ years as a trusted Microsoft Partner)
      • AWS Advanced Tier Consulting Partner for Analytics
      • Oracle Specialized Partner for Business Intelligence
    • With an average engagement length of more than 7 years, our track record of satisfied long-term clients speaks for itself. Datavail’s list of cloud data analytics services includes:
      • Cloud readiness assessments of your IT hardware, software, and integrations
      • Roadmaps and strategic planning for minimal downtime
      • Total cost of ownership (TCO) analyses for the most cost-effective solution
      • Migrations and upgrades for your data warehouse or data lake
      • Integrations and connections for your on-premises, cloud and third-party data sources
      • Real-time dashboards and reporting for up-to-the-minute insights
      • Ongoing long-term support and maintenance

Thinking about a cloud analytics migration project? Our team of data management and analytics experts is ready to help—get in touch with us today for a chat about your situation.

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