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Getting Your Organization Ready for Your Oracle Database to Microsoft Azure Migration

Datavail White Paper

Do you wish your Oracle database could do more for your organization?

A Microsoft Azure migration may be the solution you need. This move delivers many benefits, including lower total cost of ownership, flexible deployment options, excellent scalability, and a modernized database approach.

Why You Should Consider a Microsoft Azure Migration

If you currently have an on-premises Oracle database, you may be running into several issues with your organization’s changing technology needs. You have to pay for and maintain all of the infrastructure for your databases, source the specialists to keep it up and running, and suffer from a lack of scalability. You also need to keep your Oracle databases secure from hackers, and cover all of your Oracle licensing fees.

If you move your Oracle databases from on-premise to Microsoft Azure in the cloud, you’re able to solve many of these challenges. In addition to the Azure-specific benefits available, you also gain access to all the advantages that a cloud-based database environment offers. Azure’s flexibility offers four main methods for making the move to the cloud.

Plan Your Azure Cloud Migration with Datavail

Before you begin your Oracle migration, you need to have a complete plan in order to reap the benefits for your organization. This white paper intends to ready your organization for a Oracle Database migration to Microsoft Azure with covering:

  • Oracle migration methods on Microsoft Azure
  • High-level steps for an on-premises to Azure migration
  • Costs of a on-premises to Microsoft Azure VM migration

Complete the form to the right to download the white paper and uncover the benefits of an Oracle to Azure migration.

If you’re looking to get ready for the next step of your Oracle to Microsoft Azure migration, get in touch with our experts who can help you assess your current environment and if an Azure migration makes sense for your business.

Learn more about Datavail’s Microsoft Azure Cloud Services.

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