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Webinar: Maximize ROI from Your ERP Investments

Datavail Webinar

Trying to decide if your company can afford to change internal business software systems? Deciding if adopting these integrations helps your business deliver complete visibility across your company?

But are the cost overrun and shifting timelines that you constantly hear about with ERP implementations holding you back?

Organizations are committing significant budgets to the implementation of ERP and the biggest problem is that they are not certain if their expectations or profit to be driven from that investment would be justified within the expected time.

In this presentation, discover how adopting small changes during your cloud adoption helps you achieve more in less time and cost. Learn how you can combine the strengths of Agile and Waterfall methodology to create a value-driven implementation where organizations can get the best of both approaches in the defined timeframe and cost. Discover how your organization can adopt this hybrid implementation model along with well-defined project scope to ensure cloud success.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how you can Identify common implementation challenges and solve them
  • Align organization objectives, and resources while keeping in mind your organization’s tolerance to change to leverage technology
  • Build a cloud transformation roadmap to align with the industry cloud maturity model
  • How can a well-defined scope help you conduct a contained ERP implementation with reduced timeframe and infrastructure cost
  • How to eliminate customizations and the consequence of rebuilding these customizations for version upgrades
  • How can ready-to-launch custom packages containing different ERP modules that can be easily configured and deployed save implementation time


Watch the Webinar Here

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