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A Better Truth - Data Integration with Azure Data Factory (ADF)

Datavail White Paper

Most organizations know that bad data can cause worse disasters. Poorly integrated data can cause equally devastating problems. Sadly, many organizations also continue to rely on outdated extract transform load (ETL) processes that escalate the risk of experiencing damages caused by either, or both, bad data and bad data integration.

That’s why Datavail offers its clients cutting-edge data integration services that help them migrate corporate data accessed through their SQL Server Integration Service (SSIS) to Azure’s cloud-based Data Factory (ADF). ADF multiplies SSIS’s values by transforming disparate forms of corporate data into in-depth, fully informed corporate intelligence, regardless of its original format. The transformation gives the C-Suite the information it needs to make appropriate, well-justified decisions.

Download this white paper to learn more about:

  • The Necessity to Invest in Modern Data Integration Technology – Understanding better, strategizing for the future, saving money, being more innovation – these are just some of the reasons to invest in modern data integration services.
  • Limitations of Traditional ETL Technology – It is important to use optimum tools and technologies to properly perform data integration, because there are various limitations using traditional ETL processes.
  • Why Integrate Data into ADF Now? – Legacy data integration tools can’t compete with the sophisticated solutions available in today’s cutting-edge data analysis programming.
  • Enhance Your SSIS Investments: Migrate to ADF – Since its introduction in 1998 as ‘Data Transformation Services’, many companies have relied on SSIS for their data integration and workflow application processing. However, ADF takes data to new heights by connecting databases, flat files, web services, and other data sources to a wide variety of cloud-based endpoints.
  • What You Need to Consider Before Embarking on an SSIS-to-ADF Migration – As with any significant business decision, you’ll want to understand how an SSIS-to-ADF migration affects other aspects of your enterprise.
  • How Datavail Can Help with Your Data Integration and ADF Migration Initiatives – Datavail is composed of a team of Data Analytics as well as Microsoft Azure experts, who have a wide range of experience with helping customers of different industries and sizes turn raw data into valuable business insights.
    • We utilize our deep understanding of the complete data management and business intelligence process workflow – from data integration, data storage and data visualization, to advanced analytics – towards helping our clients take advantage of their data to get the most out of it – accurately and effectively.
    • Allow Datavail to help you create a new custom Azure Data Factory (ADF) solution or optimize an existing one. Our technical services include:
      • Developing custom ADF solutions to fit your unique business needs
      • Migrating on-premises analytics environments to cloud analytics solutions
      • Data ingestion services to migrate data from various sources to a single location
      • Data discovery and preparation
      • Constructing data pipelines
      • Orchestration and monitoring data integration pipelines and workflows
      • Migrating SQL Service Integration Services (SSIS) to ADF
      • Providing 24/7/365 managed services and support of your data integration platform
  • Datavail’s SSIS and ADF experts can help you gain that edge. Contact the analytics experts at Datavail today to see how you can get the most out of your organization’s data by using better tools and technology.

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