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Category: MySQL

Five MySQL Database Storage Solutions

A quick look at 5 database storage alternatives for your MySQL databases, and recommendations based on your needs for redundancy, backup, speed, and storage size.

Charleste King | March 31, 2016

Forking Percona? Taking Measure of the MySQL Build

Which permutation of MySQL should you be using? Datavail whitepaper compares and contrasts the major builds, including MariaDB, Percona, and Galera.

Charleste King | March 22, 2016

Is MariaDB the Right MySQL Build for Your Enterprise?

Which permutation of MySQL should you be using? MariaDB, the sister of MySQL, is used by Google and Wikipedia, and is open-source, but not without problems.

Charleste King | March 10, 2016

Why Choose a Galera Based Clustering Solution for MySQL

Running on a 3 node Galera based cluster allows you to distribute writes and reads as you see fit while also providing other benefits. Learn more.

Wesley Lifford | February 2, 2016

Replication in MySQL 5.7.9

MySQL 5.7.9, released by Oracle Corporation in October 2015, offers users various updates and new features, our favorite of which is replication.

Srinivasa Krishna | January 28, 2016

What’s New in MySQL 5.7.9?

MySQL 5.7.9 offers many new features that increase performance and make the software more useful. Learn more in this post.

Srinivasa Krishna | January 21, 2016

What Are Graph Databases?

Graph databases prioritize the relationships between data points, making them useful for recommendation engines, shopping sites, online dating sites, and other “matching” applications.

Esayas Aloto | December 15, 2015

Database Clustering Options

Database clustering as a concept has become more complicated with the advent of high-volume database operations. Let’s explore some options.

Charleste King | December 9, 2015

The Allure of MySQL Cluster

MySQL Cluster is an attractive way to connect servers offering users high availability, redundancy, no downtime, and numerous other benefits.

Charleste King | December 8, 2015