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4 Features Available for MariaDB on Amazon RDS

Author: Srinivasa Krishna | 4 min read | March 24, 2022


Amazon Relational Data Service (RDS), available on the AWS cloud platform, is one of several public cloud services that support MariaDB.

Here are four features available for MariaDB database instances on AWS RDS.

Eliminate Tedious Database Administration Tasks

RDS is a managed database service, which means that Amazon handles many infrastructure management and maintenance tasks. Your database administrators don’t need to spread themselves thin between tactical and strategic duties.

After cloud migrations, they can shift their focus to optimizing your MariaDB databases in the cloud rather than worrying about supporting the underlying servers and software. This change allows you to assign your database administrators to more challenging tasks, helping them use their skills to the fullest.

Increase MariaDB Availability and Performance

High availability is a must for modern mission-critical applications, as your users expect a reliable experience. Amazon RDS offers plenty of features to maximize your databases’ availability, from a worldwide network with multiple regions and Availability Zones to taking full advantage of MariaDB’s replication features.

You have complete control over your database instance capacities, so you can choose exactly what you need to drive high performance. Making changes over time is simple, and you won’t have to worry about obsolete hardware holding your organization back.

Move Away from Upfront Capital Expenses

Amazon RDS allows your organization to move away from expensive upfront payments for your databases and infrastructure. RDS has a pricing model based on your real-world usage, so you won’t find yourself in a position where you’re paying for more capacity than you truly need. Pay-as-you-go pricing also ties your database expenses to your business growth, so it doesn’t outstrip your budget.

With cloud migration, you have room for even greater cost-efficiency for any of your stable workloads. One- and three-year reserved instance contracts are available, and you can choose to pay some, none, or all of the lower rates upfront.

We recently migrated a MariaDB environment to Amazon RDS for one of our customers, resulting in significant cost savings.

Get the Scale You Need for Modern Applications

RDS uses the AWS cloud infrastructure. You can quickly and easily scale your applications to meet market demand, whether you need to increase the compute power required or bring in more storage. Scaling is flexible, so you can move up and down as you modernize your MariaDB applications for the cloud environment.

Moving your on-premises MariaDB databases to Amazon RDS allows your organization to harness a powerful and flexible cloud platform that delivers many benefits.

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