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Author: Robin Caputo
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Outsourcing Improves Retention of Existing DBA Staff

Seasoned IT professionals find they’re responsible for a continually growing number of databases, but they aren’t getting the help they need to keep them running smoothly. This lack of staff resources — a significant challenge for organizations — can be resolved by adopting a flexible managed services contract for database administration, according to a new […]

Robin Caputo | April 2, 2014

Survey: Managed Services Model Helps Improve Service Levels

Maintaining service level agreements — commonly known as SLAs — is an essential responsibility of database administrators. Providing consistent service levels is a significant challenge for organizations, a challenge that can be resolved by using managed services for database administration, according to a new study by Forrester Consulting. Most enterprises see their service levels improve […]

Robin Caputo | March 20, 2014

Managed Service Can Be a Lifesaver

Of all the challenges facing IT executives, none is as pressing and consistently problematic as database performance. Enterprises have always struggled with the performance of critical applications, note analysts at Forrester Consulting. In this age of Big Data, increasing data volumes and velocities complicates this challenge, which makes database performance a continued and leading challenge. […]

Robin Caputo | March 12, 2014

Getting the Facts on DBA Services

Many enterprises are curious about using managed services for database administration tasks, but is there any information — any quantitative data — on the effectiveness of this approach that IT professionals can share with executives? Yes. There is now information that shows why this strategic hiring approach is gaining traction in the United States. Mark […]

Robin Caputo | March 10, 2014

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