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Author: Eric Russo
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sql server

SQL Server Management Studio Version 17.2 Now Available

Microsoft has released an update to Management Studio, bringing it up to Version 17.2. The latest fixes and new features give you better control over SQL Server.

Eric Russo | December 21, 2017
database scripts

Still Using Custom Scripts for Monitoring?

Here’s a look at why using custom database monitoring scripts is so ill-advised–and why you should take advantage of automated monitoring tools instead.

Eric Russo | December 12, 2017
database automation

Automation is King – Manual Monitoring is Out

This article will look at some of the ways that DBAs are leveraging automation to reduce errors, identify issues faster and improve their own efficiency.

Eric Russo | November 29, 2017

6 Benefits of Migrating to AWS Postgres

As cloud adoption soars, there are advantages with a database-as-a-service provider. If you’re considering AWS Postgres, here’s six ways to benefit.

Eric Russo | November 8, 2017

Polybase Feature in SQL 2016

SQL Server 2016 represents a step toward better big data management and real-time analytics for the enterprise. Read on to learn about Polybase feature.

Eric Russo | October 18, 2017
SQL 2008

What Happens If My Database Technology Is Not Supported?

Your current database technology may have worked well over the years, but there comes a time where it reaches its end of life. Don’t put yourself at risk.

Eric Russo | September 28, 2017
SQL Server 2017, database upgrade

Microsoft’s Newest: SQL Server 2017 Advantages to Upgrade

SQL Server 2017 is more than a quality-of-life upgrade for your databases. To work with cross-platform compatibility is a game-changer, and it’s worth the upgrade.

Eric Russo | August 31, 2017
SQL Server 2008

How to Get Off SQL 2008

SQL 2008 reaches its extended end of life July 2019. If you continue using, there’s risk for security exploits, higher maintenance costs and compliance issues.

Eric Russo | August 17, 2017
SQL Server

Data Flexibility — SQL Server 2017 on Linux

SQL Server on Linux is a platform of choice — across all OS, data types, on premises and in the cloud — that gives customers flexibility and control over their data.

Eric Russo | August 16, 2017
database analytics

Analytics Capabilities of AWS, Azure and Google Cloud

How do Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud compare in the important areas of big data analysis, data visualization and machine learning?

Eric Russo | June 15, 2017
sql server 2016 upgrade

Performance Tuning — Essential Tool for DBAs

Best SQL Server 2016 features are performance tuning, mobile visualization, real-time operational analytics, and hybrid database support on premise and in the cloud.

Eric Russo | June 12, 2017
IT Trends

Database Management Trends — More

Datavail’s new white paper on the Top 10 Trends in Database Administration in the coming decade can be summed up in one word: More!

Eric Russo | June 6, 2017
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