It's easy to see why MongoDB appeals to the thousands of organizations that use it. It's the most popular NoSQL database, has an open-source code base, and offers many useful features such as horizontal scalability. MongoDB Atlas takes things one step further to make it even better.

Built-in Automation Features

No more repetitive tasks! Gain a competitive edge with automation features for database administration.

  • Hardware provisioning, setup & configuration
  • Software patches & upgrades
  • Backups & disaster recovery

Easier Scalability

MongoDB Atlas empowers your organization with horizontal database scalability through sharding technology. Three types are available with zero downtime:

  • Ranged sharding
  • Hashed sharding
  • Zone sharding


Strong Security Measures

Data breaches are a company's worst nightmare. MongoDB Atlas uses a multilayered approach to protect this information. Security features include:

  • Access control
  • VPC peering
  • IP whitelists
  • Data encryption in transit
  • Data encryption at rest
  • Field-level encryption

Extensive Analytics and Monitoring

Gain actionable insights about your database performance through the built-in tracking and monitoring features.

Get real-time insights into your server clusters and set up customized alerts, giving you the opportunity to resolve the problem before it impacts performance or the end user experience.

Technical Support Resources

No more dealing with support and maintenance obligations. MongoDB Atlas takes this off your plate. They'll work with the vendor directly to find out what's going on.

If you want even more support, you can get end-to-end support directly from the MongoDB engineers who built the database technology through the Atlas Pro and Atlas Enterprise service tiers.

Atlas Data Lake

  • Query data using MongoDB Query Language on AWS S3
  • No need to manage servers or other infrastructure


MongoDB Stitch +Realm

A merge between MongoDB’s serverless platform and Realm’s mobile database and synchronization platform will connect to MongoDB Atlas. Data will now be able to move easily within the stack.


Considering a MongoDB Atlas Migration?

If you're considering a migration, Datavail can help. Our team has plenty of experience with MongoDB migrations and our processes are designed to make the switch as painless and downtime-free as possible.

Contact us today to learn how we can assist you to make this implementation a success!

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