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Speed Test

The cloud has been invaluable over the past 18 months of the pandemic, allowing organizations to continue operating while keeping their people safe. Remote work adoption has accelerated and has quickly become a competitive differentiator for companies looking to attract the best talent.

Organizations that stay away from the cloud or have limited cloud investments run into a variety of problems, including:

  • Lack of agility
  • Issues with scalability
  • Challenges implementing new technology
  • Bad end user experiences
  • Exponentially growing total cost of ownership for technology investments
  • Struggles with supporting and maintaining legacy on-premises system

Enterprise IT spending on the public cloud will grow from 17% in 2021 to 45% in 2026, predicts Gartner. Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is getting lots of attention in particular.

76% of organizations using cloud IaaS end up using multiple platforms, according to Gartner.

As organizations’ cloud investments grow, it’s common to end up with complex multi-cloud environments.

Mixing the right public cloud infrastructure with ongoing business requirements, and managing the associated costs can be a big challenge for organizations. The Datavail Speed Test program is available to accelerate your cloud migrations and modernizations.

What Is the Datavail
Speed Test Program?

The Datavail Speed Test program helps your organization assess your needs and shows you how quickly you can build, migrate, and modernize workloads using Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Run Speed Tests across four workload types:





We help you focus on the greatest opportunities by answering all of your AWS cloud migration and modernization questions before you make massive cloud investments.