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MicroStrategy Services and Support

Robust Data Visualization and Analytics Tools

As the data in your organization continues to grow, so does the need to effectively manage it.

While every organization is unique in their goals, all require the same basic business intelligence functions: understanding and reporting on data as efficiently and expeditiously as possible.

Powered by a relational OLAP architecture, MicroStrategy data analytics and data visualization tools give users the ability to dig deep into a database and uncover critical data at a granular level. Combined with its powerful reporting and integration capabilities, MicroStrategy is the ideal solution for enterprises looking to analyze and visualize big data in a way that drives actionable insights for business success.

With MicroStrategy you can:

  • Develop comprehensive yet easy-to-interpret reports that allow you to both approach data holistically or by drilling down and analyzing the most minute information.
  • Provide individual departments and team members with access to self-service analytics tools.
  • Automate reporting to allow for immediate access to the data necessary to make in-the-moment decisions to fuel growth and success.
  • Integrate with mobile productivity applications to give all employees access to critical information when they need it.

Datavail offers complete 24×7 MicroStrategy administration and management, including:

  • Developing a comprehensive and strategic MicroStrategy solution to fit the needs of your business.
  • Creating and designing individual data modeling projects, data warehouses, OLAP cube design (Intelligent Cubes), and more.
  • Optimizing custom dashboards and reports to better visualize and leverage your organization’s data.
  • Customized application development with using MicroStrategy’s software development kit (SDK).
  • Architecture assessment, upgrade support, and ongoing maintenance to ensure scalability and performance.
  • Ongoing and customized training to ensure your team can make the most out of MicroStrategy’s data analytics and visualization capabilities long after Datavail leaves.

Datavail’s business intelligence team leverages MicroStrategy to ensure your organization is making the most of its data. To see if MicroStrategy is the right fit for your company, fill out the form or call 1-877-634-9222 to speak to a business intelligence expert today.

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