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Endeca Information Discovery (EID) Services

Business Intelligence Solutions to Make Sense of Your Data

Traditional top-down business intelligence within an organization only gives you answers you already have; Information Discovery gives you answers for questions you don’t yet know to ask.

With help from Datavail’s Oracle EID consultants, these “finding a needle in the haystack” insights can now come from within your organization.

Think about it as an 80/20 rule: Traditional BI and Data Warehousing account for 80% of the information from which you can generate business insights. With Oracle’s Endeca Information Discovery technology, your organization can now surface 20% more new insights and information based on any of your existing data sources. Information Discovery allows the mashing-up of data regardless of its structure (for example, XML, JSON, RDBMS, Excel, Log Files, etc). Endeca allows you to tap into and intelligently make sense of all your data.

What is Endeca Information Discovery?

  • An application system of the Oracle Analytics stack that makes it easy to explore data relevant to your business quickly and without building complicated models.
  • A data discovery platform designed to create balance between business users, analysts, and IT.
  • A self-service data mash-up and exploration application complementing and adding value to existing BI and Data Warehousing programs.
  • A means to unlock hidden insights and perform collective decision making.

Why is Endeca Information Discovery so Important?

  • It represents the evolution of insight acquisition across all your organization’s data: structured or unstructured, text or unformatted.
  • It allows innovation to surface through the organization by empowering abstract views into data.
  • It is enterprise software and runs on open standards for flexible application integration and extensibility.
  • It creates a process by which insights can be captured and then incorporated into your existing enterprise BI or Data Warehouse.

With so many implications with Endeca for the Healthcare, Student Information, Judicial, Public Safety, Manufacturing, Hospitals, Public Sector, and Banking industries, the limits of your ability to gain insights from your data are what you choose to make them.

Let Datavail’s team of Business Intelligence expert consultants help you innovate and take advantage of your data with Oracle Endeca. Call us today or fill out the form to the right for more information.

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