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DB2 z/OS Support and Services

Add Datavail’s DB2 Subject Matter Experts to Your Team

Datavail DB2 z/OS services range from the routine to the advanced.

On our team, Datavail has established specialty groups to provide deep technical and administrative services on the following:

Configuration of DB2 subsystems

  • Support for planning and upgrade of DB2 to most current version
  • DB2 installation and migration support
  • Support for enabling data sharing
  • Review of ZPARMs
  • Support for configuration and migration of 3rd party tools including BMC, CA and IBM tools

Routine administrative tasks

  • Monitor datasets and storage groups for available space and take remedial action when it reaches threshold
  • Support for all types of partitioned tables including partition-by-growth tables
  • Setup and perform routine cleanups of packages and catalogs.
  • Review and monitoring of logging
  • Setup JCL and monitor jobs for reorganization, runstats, unloads, loads, image copies and recovery
  • Conversion and migration of databases from other platforms into DB2 and vice versa

Data sharing and replication

  • Support for planning, installing, migrating and enabling DB2 Data Sharing
  • Performance monitoring and tuning of data sharing subsystems
  • Setup, monitor and troubleshoot DB2 Replication across multiple subsystems and platforms

Data recovery

  • Development and review of backup and recovery strategy
  • Monitor and support of backup, recover and restore operations
  • Support for disaster recovery setup and disaster recovery exercises

Performance monitoring and tuning

  • Support for planning and managing DB2 subsystem performance
  • Review of ZPARMs, table space, partitioned tables, buffer pool and top SQL analysis
  • Review of table locking and concurrency
  • Tune and manage performance of interfaces like WebSphere, PeopleSoft, etc.

Database monitoring

  • Routine Monitoring of key elements like disk space, stored procedures, database load, buffer pool metrics
  • Time spent for sorting, dead locks, concurrency, parallel processing and log performance


  • Review of security for users, Authorized IDs and groups
  • Review access through RACF or ACF2
  • Setup database auditing and review the reports
  • Review of users with higher privileges

SQL support

  • Review and tuning of SQL that are top resource consuming, top time consuming and higher number of execution
  • Review of plans, packages and stored procedures for efficient access paths
  • Monitor and calibrate both static and dynamic SQL queries

Troubleshooting and support

  • Work with IBM support by opening PMRs and supplying required details
  • Obtain required PTFs and APARs from IBM and apply them to resolve problems

Health checks and best practices

  • Perform routine Health checks on DB2 subsystems and provide recommendations for the issues identified
  • Best practices review for DB2 planning and setup, administration, performance and SQL tuning

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